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Bianzou (1+1) Bar
Formerly 1+1, Chengdu’s longest-running and largest gay club. Once underground and subversive performances have made way for a toned-down nightly drag show. Monthly “Sunshine Boy” and “Beauty King” competition with prizes. Dianzi Mansion 3rd Fl., 20 Hongxing Lu, Sect.2
变奏酒吧 (一加一) • 红星路二段20号电子大厦3楼 Tel. 13981896149

 Black & White
Lounge bar on the 2nd floor of the Sunflower Café. Classy but not pricey.
22 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
向日葵咖啡 • 民南路4段22号
Tel. 85553856

 Carol’s Too
Overplayed R&B, a pool table, dice games and a dance floor make Carol’s the typically stale quasi-foreign bar of Chengdu. See “Restaurants”. 11 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
卡罗酒吧 • 人民南路4段11号
Tel. 85444639

 Cherry’s Rock-Climbing Bar
This bar perpetually changes names but always keeps its climbable rock wall. Drink-only menu offers coffee, smoothies, cocktails and 10 rm Tsingtao. A relaxed location for an afternoon or evening drink. Dongmen Da Qiao, Oriental Times Plaza, 3rd Fl.
雪线攀岩酒吧 • 东门大桥东方时代商城三楼
Tel. 86315588

 Danxing Dao
Scottish-theme singles bar. Renmin Zhong Lu Sect.2, Jinggong Bldg., 6-10 Fl.
单行道酒吧 • 人民中二段轻工大厦6-10楼
Tel. 86611551

 Dave’s Oasis
Formerly Paul’s Oasis, Dave’s ubiquity in the oft-referenced Lonely Planet makes it one of the first stops for the newly arrived, and its cheap pizza keeps‘ em returning. Home to a large collection of music. 1 Binjiang Lu No.21
大卫餐吧 • 滨絓-路1号附21号
Tel. 86723808

 Empty Bottle Bar
One of Chengdu’s most crowded bars any day of the week. Yulin Shenghuo Plaza 3rd Fl. Yulin Nan Lu
空瓶子酒吧 • 玉林南路玉林生活广场3楼
Tel. 85599798

 Game Day Sports Bar
Despite its limited beer selection, this bar’s small size, clear audio and big screen make it one of the city’s best places to watch English Premiership and German Bundesliga games. Friendly
owners, NBA games shown in winter.
6 Kehua Jie, next to Chuan Da Huayuan, 2nd Fl., No.45  比赛日酒吧
Tel. 13880886109

Bustling Filipino-run bar with nightly live music. Greenwich Village Bldg. 8, No. 7, 1 Wangjiang Lu
格子酒吧 • 望絓-路1号格林威治城8栋1楼7号
Tel. 66787999

 Hemp House
Saturday-night open jams, occasional rock and DJ shows and friendly bar staff make this reggae-themed bar a favorite chill-out spot among locals and expats. Dongmen Da Qiao, Oriental Times Plaza, 3rd Fl.
麻糖 • 东门大桥东方时代商城三楼

 Here Club
Jiangxi Lu (next to Jinjiang Hotel)
絓-西路锦絓-宾馆旁边 (診-锦水菀)
Tel. 66579169

 Jah Bar
Cozy hangout bar along the river with a stage for jams and concerts.
36 Laonanmen Daqiao, Hongmen Jie No. 118 (opposite “big boat”)
家吧 • 老南门大桥黉门街36号附118号
Tel. 13689051773

Crowded Chinese pub in the “Half Dozen” style. 18 Erhuan Lu, South Sect. 3, Hollywood Plaza, 1st Fl.  卡卡酒馆
Tel. 85146861

 Lan Club
Occasional live music.  Manhattan Bldg., 4 Xinxiwang Lu, Zongshu Jie
蘭 • 棕树南街新希望路4号曼哈顿二期
Tel. 85248086

 The Leg and Whistle
British pub with lager from Russia,
Belgium, England, Germany. Small
terrace. Average prices. Drink a beer and watch sports on TV. Kehua Jie, Chuan Da Huayuan Bldg. B2  英格兰酒吧
Tel. 85461958

 Lily Shadow’s Fusion Bar
Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant plus cocktails and international red-wine menu. Next to South Carrefour. 1st Fl. Fenghua Yuan, 3 Tongzi Lin Zhong Lu
睡莲花影 • 桐梓林中路3号风华苑商铺一楼
Tel. 85143226/85143227

 (Old) Little Bar
Renowned throughout the Chinese rock scene as one of the country’s (and certainly Chengdu’s) most established rock bars. The retired venue is worth visiting to peruse its extensive collection of Chinese rock albums.
55 Yulin Xi Lu
小酒馆(玉林店) • 玉林西路55号
Tel. 85568552

 (New) Little Bar
Larger Little Bar spin-off is now home to Chengdu’s rock shows. Saturday evenings usually see hordes of local punk kids politley pogoing to local or touring bands. Sunday afternoons feature film screenings and discussions.
87 Fang Qin Jie, Yulin Shang Wu Gang, 1st Fl. 小酒馆(芳沁店) • 芳沁街87号附5号丰尚玉林商务港1楼  Tel. 85568552

 Little House
A nice place to wile away an afternoon on a carfree street watching what has been described as the “Chinese
Socialist middle-class dream in action.” Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and soups available in addition to drinks. WLAN.
33 Ruisheng Huayuan Rui Ming Jie
小房子 • 瑞升花园33号

 Lotus Palace
Good stage and sound system.
231 Wuhouci Da Jie, 24 Jinli  莲花府第
武侯祠大街231号 Tel. 85537676

 Machu Picchu
Lazy chill-out bar with Sunday folk nights.
14 Fang Hua Heng Jie 马丘比丘咖啡馆
芳华横街14号 Tel. 85132903

Singaporean-run swanky bar caters to upscale clientele. Pricey drinks, but one of the few places in town to serve real cranberry juice.
Manhattan Bldg. 2, 4 Xin Xiwang Lu
沐思 • 新希望路4号曼哈顿2期2号一单元一楼11-14号 Tel. 85259444

Irish pub with wide selection of 45 whiskey brands, beer on tap, live Irish band. Pool table.
Shangri-la Hotel, 9 Binjiang Dong Lu
香格里繺-大酒店爱尔兰吧 • 滨絓-东路9号
Tel. 84097899

 Munchen 1810
Crowded, pricey, and similar to Kempinski’s Brauhaus. Hollywood Plaza, 1st Fl., 18 Erhuan Lu South Sect.3
慕尼黑1810 • 二环路南三段18号
Tel. 86181810

 Music House
Meet the who’s who of Chengdu’s nightlife and media while going through one of Chengdu’s longest cocktail lists.
Yulin Shenghuo Plaza, Yulin Nan Lu
音乐房子 • 玉林生活广场,玉林南路
Tel. 85574366

Lounge bar along the river with great lights, kick-back couches and dance floor with DJ booth. 36 Laonanmen Daqiao, Hongmen Jie (opposite “big boat”) 纳奴哪 • 老南门大桥黉门街36号
Tel. 85551926

French bar, minus Parisienne prices. Friday-night DJ parties attract creative expats. Movies on Sunday nights. Budget-friendly red wines, sandwiches, quiche, desserts. Occasional small-scale art exhibitions.
143 Kehua Bei Lu (Lanse Jialebi, 2nd Fl.)
巴黎咖啡 • 科华北路143号蓝色加勒比
Tel. 13438094591/13880271515

272 Qintai Lu 波托菲诺西餐厅 • 琴台路272号 Tel. 86126803

 Queen Beeles
Spacious ladies-only bar. Dongmen Da Qiao, Oriental Times Plaza, 3rd Fl.
蜂王 • 东门大桥东方时代商城三楼
Tel. 13980013229

 Rongjin Yihao
Restaurant by day, bar by night. Decent food, outside terrace, upscale-ish drink selection. Qingyang Shangjie Songxian Qiaotou  蓉锦一号 • 青羊上街送仙桥头
Tel. 87337726

 Shamrock Bar
Chengdu’s most renowned Irish pub, with a sports-lovers’ feel. Pool table, draft beer, beer garden with grill in front, and Western pop music spanning the past four decades complete the mood. Occasional live music and theme parties. See “Western Restaurants.” 15 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
Tel. 85236158

 Sky Bar > Area: Century City
Top-floor bar. Holiday Inn, 19th Fl., 198 Shiji Cheng Lu No. 1,
Tianfu Dadao, Middle Section
假日酒店 • 天府大道中段1号世纪城路198号附1号  Tel. 85348888x6342

 Skye Lounge
Supposed San Francisco-inspired lounge. Comfy chairs, extensive collection of bubblegum magazines. 165 Yulin Xi Lu

 Weiyuan Club
927 sqm club with a cinema, disco, KTV, sauna, and massage service available.
Near Jiaoda 5 Qi, Southwest Jiaotong University North Gate
微缘会所 • 西南交通大学北门交大五期 Tel. 13072882867

 White Nights Bar
Hangout for established local painters and writers. 85 Yulin Xi Lu
白夜俱乐部 • 玉林西路85号 Tel. 85594861

 Wu Men Bar
Family-style music bar. Next to Sichuan TV Tower, 189 Mengzhuiwan Jie
吾 MEN 酒吧 • 猛追湾街189号四川电视塔旁
Tel. 13568929419

 Yuelianhua Les Bar
An established lesbian bar whose
re-putation reaches beyond Chengdu.
1 Longjiang Lu No. 14
月恋花 • 龙絓-路1号附14号  Tel. 89012065


Former Underground re-envisioned by a former BABI boss. 30 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 人民南路四段30号

 AC American Club
Big out-of-the-way place. Yangxi Xian Yipin Tian Xia Canfan Wenhua Jie
美国空间 • 羊西线一品天下餐饮文化街
Tel. 87525777

See “Hollywood Plaza Clubs”

See “Greenwich Village Clubs”

 Club MJ
Yet another megaclub with a teeny-tiny dance floor. White-clad, sunglass-sporting hipsters gyrate their hips in figure 8s packed between dice-game tables while the DJ spins hip hop and house. Same music, same prices, drinks, etc. Occasional international DJs.
18 Yihuan Lu Nan South Sect.3 Bldg. 11
名舰国际娱乐会所 • 一环路南三段18号附11号 Tel. 85558999

 Fair Club
88 Shao Ling Lu
菲尔俱乐部 • 少陵路88号  Tel. 88106666

 Greenwich Village Clubs
Just around the corner from Sichuan University’s east gate, this disco heaven makes club hopping super-convenient. In addition to eternal favorite BABI II, this stretch of buildings houses:
Castle (卡索酒吧), MusicKep (米卡), 69,  Repoco, Seven, Soho (苏荷), Sucre
(苏格酒吧), TA&TA. Jiuyan Qiao, 6 Taiping Nan Jie 九眼桥 • 太平南新街6号

 Hollywood Plaza Clubs
Chengdu’s original dance-club megaplex and a good choice when you’re aiming to get mobbed by rose-selling children late into the night. Rumored to sell more CHIVAS whiskey per square meter than any other club in the country, BABI is the place to go after everyone else has closed for the night. BABI (芭芘俱乐部), Fashion (时尚潮流俱乐部), and MIX.
Hollywood Plaza, 18 Erhuan Lu, South Sect.3 at Zijing Bei Lu
好莱坞广场 • 二环路南三段18号在紫荆北路

88 Shuangnan Shaoling Lu Shangpin Kanghe Guangchang

 Ling Dian (Real Love)
Cheap drinks keep this dance floor crowded year-round. Yihuan Lu, South Sect.1 零点俱乐部 • 一环路南一段7号
Tel. 85444348

Three floors and a circular bar provide the backdrop for sweaty crowds to shake their heads to techno all night long. Lihua Street, Yanshikou, Shangye Guangchang
美高美国际娱乐会 • 盐市口商业广场
Tel. 86666618

See “Hollywood Plaza Clubs”

 No. 1 Club
Packed place along the river where middle-aged men play dice games. Pudong Lu, Nanmen Daqiao
外滩1# • 南门大桥浦东路万里号码头 Tel. 85552222

 No. 88 Club
88 Shuangnan Shaoling Lu Shangpin Kanghe Guangchang
88酒吧 • 双楠少陵路88号尚品康河广场 Tel. 87056888

 Playa Pub
Chengdu’s only American hip-hop club.
19 Wuhouci Da Jie 武侯祠大街19号
Tel. 13648087409/13709030953

 Top One Club
Popular among Chengdu’s young disco-going crowd. 89 Dongqing Shu Jie
日舞会所 • 冻青树街89号 Tel. 86629295


 ATT Liangfan Gecheng
Yatai Plaza, 58 Kehua Bei Lu
科华北路58号亚太广场 Tel. 85237523

 Binfen KTV
88 Shaoling Lu 缤纷KTV(少陵路店)
少陵路88号 Tel. 87040999/87042888

 Haoledi Liangfan KTV
23 Zongfu Lu, 3-4 Fl. 好乐迪量贩KTV
(总府路店) • 总府路23号3-4楼 Tel. 86619999

 Milexing KTV
New City Plaza 4th Fl., 1 Xi Da Jie
米乐星KTV • 西大街1号新城市广场4楼
Tel. 86690505

 Piaoliang Shenghuo KTV
18 Jinli Dong Lu 漂亮生活KTV
锦里东路18号 Tel. 861458888

 Xingguang Canlan KTV
Xiangrui Mansion, 21 Yongfeng Lu
永丰路21号瑞祥大厦 Tel. 68017566

 Yueliangcun KTV
88 Dashi Xi Lu
月亮村KTV • 大石西路88号  Tel. 87053699


100° (B&D) Coffee
Great World Mall, 85 Zizhu Bei Jie
百度咖啡  • 紫竹北街85号大世界广场1-3商铺 Tel. 82955588

 Afternoon  NEW!
午后蓝山咖啡 • 小天西街8号
Tel. 85586996

 Also Milo Coffee
Western and Taiwanese style food, tea, and coffee.
Champagne Plaza, 2nd Fl., Dong Da Jie
歌素米蘿咖啡 • 东大街香槟广场2楼
Tel. 86652615
 Wanda Guangchang 2nd Fl.
No. 4, Erhuan Lu East Sect. 5
欧素米萝咖啡 • 万达广场步行街2楼4号
Tel. 84191581

 Bellagio Café
National chain. Bailian Shopping
Center, 9 Kehua Zhong Lu
鹿港小镇 • 科华中路9号百联购物中心
Tel. 85254321

 Beo Café (Area: Hi-Tech Zone)
Pizza, salads, sandwiches, fresh juices, coffee. Excellent cheesecake and pastries. Hi-Tech International Plaza No. 7, 150 Tianyun Lu
碧伊欧咖啡厅 • 高新区天韵路150号
Tel. 85321356

 Board Game Bar  NEW!
13 Ruisheng Bei Lu (behind Yulin Ruisheng Teahouse) 桌客吧 瑞升北路13号
(玉林瑞升茶楼背后) Tel. 85199151

Foreign-language library hosts art, music and culture events. Full restaurant, bar service all day. WLAN. 28 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4  老书虫 • 人民南路4段28号
Tel. 85520177

 Carol’s Café
Café and restaurant on one of Chengdu’s famous tourist streets.
41-42 Jinli, Wuhouci
卡罗 • 武侯祠锦里41-42号 Tel. 66311308

Coffee Beanery
Several locations across town. Variety of coffees as well as wireless Internet access.
 92 Fang Cao Dong Jie
宾诺咖啡 • 芳草街92号
 71 Kehua Bei Lu
宾诺咖啡 • 科华北路71号 Tel. 85245252
 45 Chunxi Lu N. Sect., 2nd Fl. Gaobang Dept. Store 宾诺咖啡
春熙北段45号高邦百货2楼 Tel. 8522771

 Coffee Symbol
Pricey coffees in a nice environment overlooking the river and Xinnan Men station. 4 Xinnan Lu, 2nd Fl. SZ
咖啡符号 • 新南路4号2楼 Tel. 85453896

Coffee Zone
 51 Fangcao Jie
咖啡地带 • 芳草街51号 Tel. 82953755
 Tulip Plaza, 2nd Fl., Dong Dajie
咖啡地带 • 东大街郁金香广场2楼
Tel. 86723838
 5th Avenue Plaza, Jianshe Lu
咖啡地带 • 建设路第五大道广场
Tel. 84361183

 Cosy Corner
Book café. 1 Zhixinjie, Bldg. 8
唯书阁书吧 • 置信北街1号附8号

Low-key place with two floors, comfy couches, and both Western and Chinese snacks and drinks. Try their 8 RMB bottomless cup of Yunnan arabica. 312 Oriental Times Plaza, 18-32 Lower Dong Da Jie 达达娃咖啡馆 • 东方时代商城312,下东大街18-32号  Tel. 89598694

 DoDo’s Café
Cozy place with friendly staff, good food, and good coffee in the west of the city. 12 Xiaotong Xiang
朵朵家咖啡馆 • 小通巷12号 Tel. 86262508

Essence of Europe
Swank cafe with Victorian-style interior.
 12 Xin Xiwang Lu 欧洲房子
 90 Fang Cao Dong Jie
欧洲房子 • 芳草东街90号
 60 Kehua Bei Lu, SOHO Bldg., B Wing
欧洲房子 • 科华北路60号SOHO
 First City Shopping Ctr. Bldg. B, 3rd Fl., Chunxi Lu, 1 Xiaokejia Xiang
 Hong Xing Lu Buxing Jie, First City, 3rd Fl. 欧洲房子 • 红星路步行街
“第一城”三楼  Tel. 82953668

Wide variety of fresh-roasted coffee blends. Oriental Times Plaza, 2nd Fl., Dong Men Da Qiao
四季情怀咖啡馆 • 东门大桥东方时代商城2楼
Tel. 66208848

 Fruit Expert
Every edible (?) manifestation of fruit you can think of, including fruit-stuffed meat. Fengxiang Bldg., 3rd Fl., 10 Chunxi Lu Bei Jie
生捞果西餐厅 • 春熙路北街10号凤祥楼3楼
Tel. 86727770

 Ganshu Coffee  NEW!
Xiaotian Dong Jie
干树咖啡 • 小天东街3号附25号
Tel. 85560120

Good Wood Café
Many locations around town. Pricey but decent desserts. Wooden interior
creates a dark, moody atmosphere.
 16 Kehua Bei Lu
良木缘咖啡 • 科华北路16号
 43 Kehua Bei Lu, Blue Caribbean Plaza, 2nd Fl.  良木缘咖啡 • 蓝色加勒比201-202,科华北路43号 Tel. 85236170
 6 Dong Da Jie,
Chun Nan Plaza, 2nd. Fl.
良木缘咖啡 • 东大街6号,春南商场二楼
Tel. 86663288
 Platinum City, 3rd Fl., 27 Qinglong Jie
良木缘咖啡 • 青龙街27号铂金城3楼
Tel. 86282868
 9 Hongwasi No. 4
良木缘咖啡 • 红瓦寺9号附4号
Tel. 85253089

 High Connections Coffee House
One of the few Western-style establishments on the far northwest side of town. Two floors, comfortable seating, WLAN, wide variety of coffees.
6 Shuangqing Nan Lu No. A-2

 Hong Coffee
One of the first establishments in the strip of bars along Renmin Nan Lu. Serves Brazilian, Yunnan Arabica.
12 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 No. 9  鸿咖啡馆
人民南路4段12号附9号 Tel. 85572970

 Lan’s Tea
Kongfu tea, coffee, music, books. Jiuyan Qiao, 2nd Fl., Haowangjiao Guangchang
一林香茶 • 九眼桥好望角广场二楼  
Tel. 85356206

 Lily’s House  NEW!
Manhattan Building 2-1-19, 4 Xinxiwang Lu 新希望路4号曼哈顿自然派2-1-19
Tel. 85284086

 Milan Cafe
Posh cafe with a nice terrace, occasion-al live music, pizza, Western menu and wines. 12 Hangkong Lu
航空路12号 Tel. 85230999

 MINTO Coffee
Korean chain café housing a low-capacity cinema where customers can watch movies brought from home or chosen from the café’s selection.
Top City Shopping Center B Bldg. 6th Fl., Chunxi Lu, 1 Xiaokejia Xiang  民土咖啡
Tel. 86730998

 Momo Book Café
Cozy space with friendly owners. SOHO Bldg. Gr. Fl., 60 Kehua Bei Lu 1-38
默默 • 科华北路60号 SOHO 沸城 1-38

 Morgan Restaurant & Lounge
Teas, coffees, desserts, dinner. Nice interior. Shahe Park, Erhuan Lu, Sect.2 East, 1 Jianshe Nan Lu
摩根餐吧 • 二环路东二段,沙河公园内
Tel. 84321155/66813689

 Muffin Café
Small place near the Traditional Chinese Medicine University. Nice hangout atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee, but food gets mixed reviews. Delivery available. 48 Dong Yi Lu
莫非咖啡馆 • 东一路48号  Tel. 87718772

Taiwanese-style bubble-tea cafe with a color theme. Hot and cold coffees, teas and milk teas plus frozen drinks, pizza and Chinese snacks. Chocolate-fruit fondue gets two thumbs up.
6 Ke Hua Jie No. 11
橘子 • 科华街6号附11号 Tel. 89603508

1 Wangjiang Lu, Zhonghai Greenwich Village, Bldg. 8 No. 11
我的太阳 • 望絓-路1号中海格林威治8栋11号
Tel. 85291315

 Piazza d’Oro
Pricey but comfy terrace cafe with WLAN in the silent backyard of SOHO.
58 Kehua Beilu, SOHO Bldg. 1st Fl., No. 109
Tel. 85356619

 Restaurant Match Bar
Tea, dessert, and several dishes. Fengxiang Bldg., 5th Fl., 10 Chunxi Lu Bei Jie 圆缘园 • 春熙路北街10号凤祥楼5楼
Tel. 86665180

SPR Coffee
Chain Starbucks clone café with terrace and WLAN.
 60 Kehua Bei Lu, Soho Bldg. No. 26
Tel. 85356538
 7 Xin Xiwang Lu, Hua’erzi Plaza
新希望路 • 锦官新城华尔兹广场118号
Tel. 85353828

Spring Coffee
 Western Tower, 19 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4  春天咖啡 • 人民南路四段19号威斯顿联邦大厦 Tel. 85235123
 Renhe Tower 5th Fl., 59 Renmin Dong Lu  春天咖啡 • 人民东路59号仁和大厦5楼 Tel. 86656221

 Stoneland Café
We can’t decide whether to label this place stylish or kitschy, so we’ll call it both. 6 Tongzi Lin Bei Lu
石田咖啡 • 桐梓林北路6号 Tel. 85186333

 Sixteen’s Restaurant & Cabaret
Erhuan Lu West Sect. 1 (next to Ito Yokado parking lot) 十六铺 • 二环路西一段(伊藤洋华堂双楠店停车广场左侧)
 Soho Bldg., 2nd Fl., No. 7, Kehua Bei Lu 十六铺 • 科华北路沸城2楼7号
Tel. 87020863

Starbucks Coffee
 15 Zongfu Lu, Wangfujin Dept. Store, 1st Fl.
星巴克王府井店 • 总府路15号王府井百货1楼
Tel. 86625350
 9 Dongshun Jie, Renmin Shangchang, Yanshikou
星巴克 • 东御街19号人民商场1-2楼
Tel. 86658250
 Western Tower, No. B1, 19 Renmin Nan Lu Sect. 4 星巴克 • 人民南路四段19号威斯顿联邦大厦B1楼 Tel. 85268546
 Xiuxian Jie, Jinli (near Sanguo Teahouse) 星巴克锦里店 • 锦里休闲街(近三国茶楼) Tel. 85585132
 61 Renmin Dong Lu, Xiangxieli Guangchang, 1st Fl. 星巴克 • 人民东路61号香榭里广场1楼  Tel. 86679220
 Starbucks Beite, 51 Qinglong Jie
星巴克倍特店 • 青羊区青龙街51号
Tel. 85585132
 Fortune City, 6 Daye Lu
星巴克 • 大业路6号财富中心1-2楼
Tel. 86721070

 Sunswift Coffee
Zhonghua Yuan, 16 Tongzi Lin Bei Lu 香斯威咖啡 • 桐梓林北路16号中华菀
Tel. 66918298

 Third Avenue Coffee
1 Chunxi Lu Dongduan, Taisantang Pharmacy 3rd Fl. 第三大街咖啡 • 春熙路东段1号(泰三堂药店3楼) Tel. 86650333

 Trio Book and Music Café
3 Fangcao Jie, Ruisheng Tower No. 3
3重奏音乐书吧 • 芳草街36号瑞升大厦附3号
Tel. 85124033

Hong Kong-style drinks, desserts and snacks. Delivery available.
 SOHO Bldg. Gr. Fl., 60 Kehua Bei Lu
屋启 • 科华北路60号附7号 Tel. 66630081
 Kehua Jie Chuan Da Huayuan 1st Fl.

 Your Coffee
Chunxi Hotel, 2nd Fl., Chunxi Lu Xiduan
优贰咖啡 • 春熙路西段春熙宾馆2楼
Tel. 86718883


 Baihuayuan Teahouse
53 Shangdong Da Jie, 4th Fl.  百花园茶坊
上东大街53号4F Tel. 86739999/9633

 Canaan Beautifully
Manhattan Building 2-1-8, 4 Xinxiwang Lu
里约咖啡 • 新希望路4号曼哈顿自然派2-1-8 Tel. 85250095

 Cha Lounge
International teas and an in-house “tea doctor” available for consultation on a menu featuring 100 Chinese teas. Intercontinental Hotel, 88 Shiji Cheng Lu
天堂洲际大饭店 • 世纪城路88号
Tel. 85349999

 Genxin Yashe
Zijing Mingyuan 3rd Fl., Zijing Xi Lu 耕心雅舍 • 紫荆西路紫荆名苑3楼
Tel. 85181141/8311

 Heming Teahouse
Renmin Park, 12 Shaocheng Lu
鹤鸣茶社 • 少城路12号人民公园内

 Jinsha Mingge Renwen Teahouse
Jinshayuan No. 30, Jinyang Lu, 209 Qingyang Dadao 金沙茗阁人文茶馆
Tel. 87365211/87365200

 Green Mountain Tea Lounge
Kempinski Hotel, 42 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4 人民南路四段42号

 Minwei Chayi
9 Yonglong Lu
岷味茶艺 • 永陵路9号 Tel. 87765718

 Shengtang Teahouse
151 Kehua Bei Lu
圣唐茶楼 • 科华北路151号 Tel. 85242200

 Shengtiandi Teahouse
Renheyuan 1st Fl., 16 Renmin Zhong Lu Sect.3  圣天地茶楼
人民中路三段16号人和苑1楼 Tel. 86410558

Zhongshan Square, 1-2 Chunxi Lu North Sect.  仙踪林(春熙路店)
春熙路北段1-2号中山广场 Tel. 86666562

 Yunzhongge Teahouse
10 Lingshiguan Lu No. 5 云中阁茶楼
领事馆10号附5号 Tel. 85240763


Tasty Western food, including pizza, burgers, pasta, steaks, salads and tapas. Comprehensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Full restaurant, bar service all day. WLAN.
28 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
老书虫 • 人民南路4段28号
Tel. 85520177

 Café Firenze
Western restaurant with posh interior and great set-lunch deals. 32 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4  翡冷翠西餐咖啡厅
人民南路四段32号 Tel. 85585527

 Carol’s Too
Despite their website’s claim to serving “The Best Western Food in Chengdu,” Carol’s is primarily a bar that serves affordable so-so Tex-Mex dishes. 8 ¥ burgers are only 5 RMB on Wednesdays. 11 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
卡罗酒吧 • 人民南路南四段11号
Tel. 85444639

 Cyque Café
Expensive cafe and restaurant attached to the Swan Lake Golf Club. Food is edible but surprisingly tasteless. The terrace next to the artificial lake is nice to hang out on, but be careful with your drinks—they make them strong.
888 Qingyang Dadao Dong Lu
青羊大道东路888号 Tel. 81706888

 Edge Cafe
Affordable, well-made pasta dishes plus pricier burgers, soups, etc. Blue Caribbean Plaza 2nd Fl., 143 Kehua Bei Lu
猛之边 • 科华北路143号蓝色加勒比广场二路

 Europe Club
5 Xingguang Lu No. 23
欧洲会所 • 新广路5号附23号 Tel. 85179916

Another one of those.
Greenwich Village, 2nd Fl., 1 Wangjiang Lu 佛罗伦萨 • 望絓-路一号中海格林威治城 Tel. 85292128 85292201

 Frankfurt Restaurant
28 Renmin Zhong Lu Sect. 2 No. 3
人民中路二段28号附3号 Tel. 86283118

 Grandma’s Kitchen
Western food. Good service and comfortable ambience. 75 Kehua Bei Lu
祖母的厨房 • 科华北路75号 Tel. 85553856

 Haiyatt Garden Hotel
Italian as well as Southeast Asian and Taiwanese cuisine. Haiyatt Garden Hotel, 8th Fl., Chunxi Lu Dongduan Buxingjie
海悦花园大酒店中餐厅 • 春熙路东段步行街
Tel. 81918888

Houcaller Beefsteak
Chinese interpretation of western food.
 Mingyuan Bldg., 71 Qinglong Jie
青龙街71号明远楼 Tel. 82902996
 Jinjiang Hotel, 1st Fl., Renmin Nan Lu
人民南路锦絓-宾馆1楼 Tel. 86129290
 Roman Holiday Square, Gaosheng Qiao
高升桥东路罗马假日广场 Tel. 85109369
 51 Shawan Lu, Jinniu District
金牛区沙湾路51号 Tel. 87686766
 Caoshi Jie at Dongzhushi Jie
草市街与东珠市街 Tel. 86919695

 Indoor  NEW!
54 Zijing Nan Lu No. 1
门里 • 紫荆南路54号附1号 Tel. 85123988

 Intercontinental Café
All-day dining and a rich, RMB138 weekend buffet including seafood. Intercontinental Hotel, 88 Shiji Cheng Lu
天堂洲际大饭店 • 世纪城路88号
Tel. 85349999

 La Brasserie
Western restaurant inside the Sofitel Wanda. 15 Binjiang Zhong Lu
素菲特万达大饭店 • 滨絓-中路15号
Tel. 66669999 x3322

 La Rôtisserie
Baroque-style French restaurant with fine French cuisine prepared by a French chef. The restaurant also features an extensive list of wines, cigars, and champagnes. Intercontinental Hotel, 88 Shiji Cheng Lu
天堂洲际大饭店 • 世纪城路88号
Tel. 85349999

 Lapis Lazuli
12 Tongzi Lin Bei Lu  藏珑坊西餐厅
桐梓林北路12号 Tel. 85190208

 Momento Café
Western Food from 6 a.m. till 1 a.m.
68 Renminzhonglu Celebrity Hotel 2F
美梦托咖啡厅 • 人民中路2段68号2楼
Tel. 6676 8888

 Multicultural Symponie
Set lunch deals at 40 RMB and a more pricy selection of French food.
Times Square Parkson Mall 3rd Fl., 2 Zongfu Lu 总府路2号 时代百盛3楼
Tel. 86658633

 Munchen 1810
Pricey German food though the beer terrace and evening cover band provide a nice atmosphere. Hollywood Plaza, 1st Fl., Er Huan Lu, South Section.3
慕尼黑1810美食酒吧 • 二环路南三路好莱坞广场一楼 Tel. 85231777

Lounge bar, café, and restaurant with terrace serves Western, Asian, and fusion food. Most reviewers favor the steaks.
62 Xin Guang Lu 新光路62 Tel. 85185323

 Paulaner Brauhaus
Bavarian cuisine, reminiscent of Germany more in price than in flavor, cooked by a foreign chef. Menu in English, Chinese, and Bavarian. Enjoy microbrew and Paulaner beer on the terrace. 42 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4
普繺-那啤酒坊 • 人民南路四段42号
Tel. 85269999/5540

Peter’s Tex Mex
Western food hotspot for travelers, students, families, and professionals. Look past the hokey “Wild West”-themed interior and uniforms to enjoy generous portions of standard southwest Stateside fare-burgers, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, steaks, pizza, pasta, salad, shakes, pies, etc. at very reasonable prices. Delivery available to nearby locations.
 117 Kehua Bei Lu
彼德西餐 • 科华北路117号 Tel. 85227965
 2 Tongzi Lin Dong Lu (opposite Orchard Vila)
彼德西餐 • 桐梓林东路2号 Tel. 85180903

 Red River Grill
“Taste the West” is their slogan.
Great World Mall, 2nd Fl., 85 Zizhu Bei Jie
红河西餐厅 • 紫竹北街85号大世界广场步行街2楼 Tel. 82955499

 Rio Cafe
Western food; lunch deals.
Manhattan Building, 4 Xinxiwang Lu
里约咖啡 • 新希望路4号曼哈顿自然派
Tel. 85226611

 Seasons International
International kitchen inside the five-star Kempinski Hotel.
42 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4  縗-宾斯基酒店
人民南路四段42号 Tel. 8526-9999/5510

 Shamrock Bar
Popular Irish bar doubles as a restaurant and grill with the full range of Chengdu expats’ “classic pub grub”: pizza, salads, soups, desserts, burgers, sandwiches, and steaks served ‘till late. An outdoor grill, all-day breakfast, and afternoon 5 RMB cups of coffee round out the diner feel. Wine list is limited; a Guinness pint might do the job better.
15 Renmin Nan Lu No. 2, Sect.4
三叶草爱尔兰西餐酒吧 • 人民南路四段15号附2号  Tel. 85236158

 Sunflower Café
One of the most popular spots for Western food. Smoking and non-smoking sections. Delivery available. One of the few locations where you can read daily English-language newspapers.
22 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 向日葵咖啡
人民南路4段22号 Tel. 85553856

 Vanilla Sky
115 Kehua Bei Lu
香草天空 • 科华北路115号

 Veinis Cosiness Home  NEW!
Moderately priced entrees, coffees, teas, spirits. Free wireless.
Fortune City, Bldg. A, 4th Fl., 6 Daye Lu
威尼斯 逸家体闲餐吧 • 大业路6号财富中心A座4楼  Tel. 86700500

 Wood Fish Café
New French cuisine with an Asian twist in a great atmosphere. Moderately priced dishes include pizza, soups, pasta, salads, steak and fish. Half-price desserts between 10 a.m. and noon.
26 Kuan Xiangzi (Dragontown Hostel patio)
木鱼 • 宽巷子26号 Tel. 86265040

 Zoe’s Barbeque & Restaurant
Heartland American soups, sandwiches, skillet food, etc. in a homely environment. Otherwise decent menu lacks good vegetarian options.
30 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
爱舍西餐 • 人民南路四段30号B附12号
Tel. 85593345


 Arawaks BBQ Bar
Yet another Brazilian barbecue.
2 Chunxi Lu Dongduan
阿繺-瓦克巴西烤肉 • 春熙路东段2号(中山广场右侧) Tel. 86661778

Cabral Brazilian BBQ
All-you-can-eat lunch (48-55 RMB)
or dinner (58-63 RMB).
 Zhongshan Guangchang, 3rd Fl., Chunxi Lu East Sect.2
春熙路东段2号中山广场3楼 Tel. 86661778
 Great World Plaza, 2nd Fl., 85 Zijing Bei Jie 紫竹北街85号大世界商业广场2楼  Tel. 82955988
 Golden Hawaii Plaza, 2nd Fl., 84 Xi Dajie 卡布罗尔巴西烤肉 • 西大街84号金色夏威夷广场A座2楼 Tel. 86273661

 Céu Brazilian BBQ
Holiday Inn, 19th Fl., 1 Middle Sect. Tianfu Dadao 假日酒店 • 天府大道中段1号
Tel. 85348888x6315

 Golden Hans
South American-grill buffet. High-speed Bldg. A, 1st Fl., 90 Erhuan Lu West Sect.1
金汉斯南美烤肉 • 二环路西一段90号高速大厦A座1楼 Tel. 85262728

 Romantic Western-Style Food
Inexpensive buffet. Champagne Plaza, 3rd Fl., Hongxing Lu at Dong Dajie
罗曼地西餐 • 红星路东大街十字口香槟广场3楼 Tel. 86665151

So-called western buffet. 3 different lunch deals at 25, 28 and 32 RMB. Dinner 48 RMB.
 Platinum New Age City, 3rd Fl., Qinglong Jie  香格丽自助西餐厅
青龙街铂金时代广场3楼 Tel. 86694388
 Shuangnan Yiteng Yanghuatang Food City, 5th Fl.  香格丽自助西餐厅
双楠伊藤洋华堂5楼美食城 Tel. 87010150
Jiaxinmao Guangchang, 1st Fl., 183 Jiaoda Lu  香格丽自助西餐厅
交大路183号嘉信茂广场1楼 Tel. 87611487


Mediterranean terrace restaurant with Italian, French and Spanish dishes and wines. 10 Tongzi Lin Dong Lu
而地中海餐厅 • 桐梓林东路10号
Tel. 85159325

 Lily Shadow’s Fusion
Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant plus cocktails and international red-wine menu. Next to South Carrefour. Feng Hua Yuan, 3 Tongzi Lin Zhong Lu, 1st Fl.
睡莲花影 • 桐梓林中路3号风华苑商铺一楼  Tel. 85143226

 Peterpan Italian Restaurant NEW!
8 Xiaotian Xijie 彼得潘意大利餐厅 • 小天西街8号 Tel. 85577058

Fashionable and high-standard modern Italian, French and Chinese cuisine with a Château Lafite selection of Old and New World red and white wines. 88 RMB weekday business lounge.
Maison Mode Skyone Bldg., 5th Fl. 56 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.2
话尚美餐吧 • 美美天一大厦
人民南路二段56号 Tel. 86200258


 Casa Mia
Comfortable, quiet place with a brick oven. Appart from the soups and soft drinks a bit pricey. A nod to the friendly staff, pasta and steak lunch deals and nice presentation of dishes.
123 Kehua Bei Lu
卡萨米亚 • 科华北路123号 Tel. 85244968

 Highfly Pizza
Though no longer the sole bearer of the crown for pizza places in Chengdu, Highfly’s pizzas are still delicious and reasonably priced. For 10 RMB, you can do better than the instant coffee they serve, and we found their much-touted brownie not so inspiring. Outside terrace along the river. 18 Binjiang Zhong Lu
高菲比萨 • 滨絓-中路18号
Tel. 86652656 86678661

 Papa John’s  NEW!
American pizza chain. Dine in or local delivery. Wanda Plaza, 1st Fl., Erhuan Lu East Sect. 5  棒约翰比萨 锦絓-区二环路东五段万达广场1楼  Tel. 84191005

 Ponti’s Ristorante
Homemade pasta and wood-oven pizza. Intercontinental Hotel, 88 Shiji Cheng Lu 天堂洲际大饭店 • 世纪城路88号
Tel. 85349999

 Mutts Nuts Pizza
Pizza and sandwiches on delivery until 2 a.m. Free delivery to Machu Picchu. Get a copy of CHENGDOO citylife with your order!
Tel. 13060062221/13558851182

 Red Brick
Slightly upscale pizzas and calzones, part of the Grandma’s restaurant empire. Cherry 7-Up available, but give the pricey brownie a miss. 77 Kehua Bei Lu
红砖坊意大利餐厅 • 科华北路77号
Tel. 85214065

 Red Tomato Pizza
Pizza, pasta, pies, soups, and fresh bagels. Delivery available.
Kehua Bei Lu, 9 Zongyuan Xiang No. 3
红番茄美食屋 • 科华北路棕菀巷9号附3
Tel. 66854545

 Sardinia Pizza  NEW!
Small joint with mid-priced pizza near Southwest Minorities University.
12 Wuhouheng Jie No. 3-4
撒丁比萨  武侯横街12号附3-4号


Indian-style restaurant. Cheap drinks and good lunch sets for singles, pairs, or any combination thereof.
18 Binjiang Zhong Lu 滨絓-中路18号

Service here has declined so much over the past two years that all we can write is passable food served by possibly the most uncooperative staff in Chengdu.
20 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
亚非繺-印度餐吧 • 人民南路四段20号
Tel. 85569118

Indian-run restaurant. Pricey, but offers lunch deals and half-clothed women dancing during your dinner. 34 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4 (behind Sunjoy Inn)
坦道印度餐厅 • 人民南路南四段34号
Tel. 85551958


Ajisen Ramen
International chain of mediocre noodles at not-so-mediocre prices. With nice interior.
 9 Kehua Zhong Lu, 1st Fl.
味千繺-面 • 科华中路9号一楼 Tel. 85242580
 27 Luomashi Qinglong Jie, 1st Fl.
味千繺-面 • 骡马市青龙街27号一楼
Tel. 86282590
 New Platinum Age City, 8 Shuncheng Dajie  味千繺-面 • 顺成大街8号成都新世界百货地下负一层1号商铺
Tel. 86713834
 Sunshine Dept. Store, 3rd Fl.
3A, 1 Chunxi Lu East Sect. 味千繺-面
Tel. 86728786
 1 Xi Dajie
味千繺-面 • 西大街1号 Tel. 86699303
 19 Dongyu Jie, 2nd Fl.
味千繺-面 • 东御街19号2层 Tel. 86662508
 Wanda Guangchang 1st Fl. No. 146
味千繺-面  万达广场步行街1楼146铺
Tel. 84191096
 Auchan 1st Fl. 9 Zhanhua Lu
味千繺-面 • 站华路9号欧尚超市-层HT1013号
Tel. 85321586

 Baqian Dai Japanese
Champagne Plaza, 3rd Fl., Hongxing Lu at Dong Dajie 八千代日本料理 • 红星路
东大街香槟广场3楼313 Tel. 66578823

 Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Sofitel Wanda’s Japanese restaurant. 15 Binjiang Zhong Lu  素菲特万达大饭店
滨絓-中路15号 Tel. 66669999 ext. 3300

 Hefeng Liao Li
168 RMB all-you-can-eat deal presented in an English menu with photos. 20 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4 和风料理 • 人民南路4段20号
Tel. 85570202

Heng Ding
 Japanese. 60 Kehua Bei Lu, SOHO Bldg. No. 211 横丁日本料理
科华北路60号费城211号 Tel. 66428283
 2nd Fl. Platinum City, 27
Qinglong Jie
横丁日本料理 • 青龙街27号铂金城2楼
Tel. 66585333

Japanese chain restaurant. All-you-can-eat-and-drink lunch specials until 2:30. “A la carte” menu with photos available upon request.
 Blue Caribbean Plaza,
143 Kehua Bei Lu 北海道日本料理
 Yulin Life Plaza, 1-7 Yulin Nan Lu, 2nd Fl. 北海道日本料理
玉林南路玉林生活广场2楼 Tel. 85588681
 Champagne Plaza, 3rd Fl., Hongxing Lu at Dong Dajie
红星路东大街香槟广场3楼 Tel. 86661248

 Hot Spot
Pricey Japanese-style BBQ and some Korean food. Feng De International Plaza, 6 Hangkong Lu  铁在烧 • 航空路6号丰德国际广场  近新希望路 Tel. 85266877

Japanese restaurant. Shidai Huazhuang Mansion 2nd Fl., Hongxing Lu Sect.4
加太贺日本料理 • 红星路四段时代华章二楼 Tel. 86721216

Qian Zhi Wei Noodles
Best value comes in the lunch sets. Open kitchen. For authentic sushi and sashimi you might want to look elsewhere. Local delivery available.
 44 Jinxiu Lu
千謀-味繺-面 • 锦绣路44号 Tel. 86806030
 3 Zhonghua Yuan, 20 Tongzi Lin Dong Lu 千謀-味繺-面

Sakura No Miyako
 Zhonghua Yuan Yi Qi, 8 Tongzi Lin Bei Lu No. 4
 Platinum Age City, 2nd Fl., 27 Qinglong Jie 青龙街27号2楼银金城内

 Sakae Sushi
Sushi on a revolving belt. Wanda Guang chang 3rd Fl., Erhuan Lu East Sect. 5
万达广场步行街2楼4号 Tel. 84191568

 Sapporo Ramen Kikusui > F45
North-Japanese noodles, grill and buffet from 68-150 RMB per head. Lido Bldg. B, Isetan Dept. Store, 7th Fl., Dakejia Alley No. 8 菊水烤肉和繺-面 • 大科甲巷8号利都广场B座伊势丹百货7楼 Tel. 86670577

Sushi, tempura, sashimi. Imported ingredients make this eatery a bit pricey. Lido Bldg. B, Isetan Dept. Store, 7th Fl., Dakejia Alley No. 8
歌行燈餐飲 • 大科甲巷8号利都广场B座伊势丹百货7楼 Tel. 86665191


 Blue Zone
Intimate Korean family-style restaurant. Famous dishes include Korean sushi, fried-rice casserole, cold noodles, tofu and pickles, grilled lotus root, grilled beef, etc. Worth the trek to the north for reasonably priced tasty dishes. Near Southwest Jiaotong University west gate, above Lan Tian digital photo-processing shop.
蓝色地带 • 金牛区西南交大西门左手边第三家,蓝天数码影印店 2楼

188 Dong Dajie  韩国大长金料理
东大街188号附1楼 Tel. 86716667

Good service and a smorgasbord of Korean foods cooked up by a supposedly famous Korean chef. Myhotel Biz Tower, 3rd Fl., 6 Yan Dao Lu (off Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.2) 韩嘉兰 • 人民南路二段盐道街6号美华大厦3楼 Tel. 86723377

 Han Jiang
8 Gonghe Lu, Hongwasi
韩絓-韩国料理川大店 • 红瓦斯共和路8号 Tel. 81217779

 Hui Zhi Feng BBQ
143 Kehua Bei Lu 惠之风铁板烧
科华北路143号 Tel. 85225306

 Jincaomao Korean BBQ
Yanshikou Zhonghuan Guangchang New World Dept. Store, 1st Fl.
金草帽正统韩国烤肉 • 盐市口中环广场新世界百货负1楼 Tel. 86713753

 Jinhangong Korean Restaurant
Wanda Guangchang 3rd Fl., Erhuan Lu East Sect. 5 金韩宫韩式餐饮
万达广场步行街3楼 Tel. 84191012

 Jinfu Gong
Korean barbecue. Sunshine Dept. Store, 3rd Fl., Chunxi Lu (opposite Ito Yokado)  金福宫 • 春熙路阳光百货3楼
(伊藤洋华堂对面) Tel. 66246198

Korean DIY grill, soups, and noodles until 3 a.m. 10 Shenxianshu Bei Lu No. 12
可利亚 • 神仙树北路10号附12号
Tel. 85150095

 Korean BBQ
The oldest Korean restaurant in town.
80 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.2 Jinjiang Hotel
锦絓-宾馆 • 人民南路二段80号
Tel. 85582222 x6190

 Yueshang Han
Korean BBQ. Great World Mall, 1st Fl., No. 66, 85 Zizhu Bei Jie 御尚韩
Tel. 82955822


Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant
National chain restaurant now with two locations in Chengdu. Go for the singing and dancing staff and kitsch décor rather than for the food.
 First City Shopping Ctr. Bldg. B, 4th Fl., Chunxi Lu, 1 Xiaokejia Xiang
 8 Xiyu Jie 蕉叶泰国餐厅 • 西御街8号
Tel. 86133030

 Fiesta Thai
Thai cuisine catering to a local palette. Try the lemongrass shrimp soup and the desserts. Vegetarian options limited. 6 Linjiang Lu, next to Traffic Hotel
非常泰 • 临絓-路6号,交通饭店旁
Tel. 85454530

 Parkway Thai Restaurant
Moderately priced Thai food made by Thai chefs. Full English menu with photos. Buffet 69 RMB on weekdays and 79 RMB on weekends. Decent ambience for a mall restaurant.
Lido Bldg. B, Isetan Dept. Store, 7th Fl., Dakejia Alley No. 8 百世威泰国餐厅
大科甲巷8号利都广场B座伊势丹百货7楼 Tel. 86716223

Thai Grill Room
Perfect place for eating and drinking as much as you can for 30-40 RMB.
 New City Plaza E Bldg., 3rd Fl.,
1 Xida Jie
泰国烤肉馆 • 西大街1号新城市广场E栋三楼
Tel. 86630202/86690202
 Tianfu Mall, 4th Fl., 9 Kehua Zhong Lu 泰国烤肉馆
Tel. 85356690/85356691

Thailand Shark Fin Restaurant
Priciest Thai food in town gets mixed reviews.
 10 Shenglong Jie (off Consulate Rd.)
泰国鱼翅馆 • 领事馆路盛隆街10号
Tel. 85220393/85222797
 Zishan Mingyuan Bldg. 11, 2nd Fl., Shenxianshu Nan Lu
泰国鱼翅馆 • 神仙树南路紫荆名园11栋2楼
Tel. 85132729/85136162
 85 Guanghua Cun Jie
泰国鱼翅馆 • 光华村街85号 Tel. 81706600


 8trees Wine Bar
Singaporean-owned restaurant serves Chinese-Malay dishes at moderate to high prices. 30-50 RMB lunch sets; international wines emphasizing fine French wines. 9 Ping’an Xiang (25 Xihuamen Jie, next to Catholic Church)
8棵树 • 平安巷9号(西华门街25号)
Tel. 86699060

 Café Z
The new standard for all-you-can-eat: 128 RMB lunch; 148 RMB dinner (188 on Fridays and weekends), which includes seafood; and 147 RMB breakfast starting at 6 a.m. While the “food theatres” offer a range of international cuisine, the reason to go are the Middle-eastern dishes. Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Binjiang Dong Lu
香格里繺-大酒店 • 滨絓-东路9号
Tel. 88889999

 El Sultan
Pricey Turkish food. Kebabs and hummus. Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, personable wait staff. Small portions.
1 Yulin Nan Jie, Jin’an Bldg., No.14
土耳其餐吧 • 玉林南街1号金岸附14号
Tel. 85554780

 New Market Singaporean
Mall-food-court-style Singaporean dishes.
Yanshikou Zhonghuan Guangchang New World Dept. Store, 1st Fl. 新加坡美食
Tel. 86676192

 Parkway Café
Café with extensive menu serving Southeast Asian cuisine.
Lido Bldg. B, Isetan Dept. Store, 3rd Fl., Dakejia Alley No. 8
百世威咖啡厅 • 大科甲巷8号利都广场B座伊势丹百货3楼  Tel. 86669493


 Ba Guo Buyi
Orthodox Sichuanese cuisine, complete with “Old Chengdu” environment.
8 Guangfu Qiao Bei Jie No. 19
巴国布衣 • 广福桥北街8号 附19号
Tel. 85511999

 Bian’s Caigenxiang
Famous for pickled dishes and modern Sichuan cuisine. Good service. Thumbs up to the mashed potatoes, broccoli, and starch noodle soup. 46-2 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 (near Jingxiu Garden)
卞氏菜根香锦绣店 • 人民南路四段46-2号,
近锦绣花园 Tel. 85185967

 Bridge Restaurant
Restaurant on the so-called “Marco-Bridge.” 66 Binjiang Dong Lu
廊桥川菜酒楼 • 滨絓-东路66号

 Chen Mapo Tofu Restaurant
Mapo doufu is one Sichuan’s most famous dishes, and Chen serves up the real deal. Popular among locals.
37 Renmin Zhong Lu, Sect.3
陈麻婆 • 人民中路三段37号 Tel. 86931676

 Da Rong He
68 Zi Jing Nan Lu (Area: Tongzi Lin)
大蓉和 • 紫荆南路68号 Tel. 85143232

 Fang You Hui
Indoor / outdoor seating. Vegetarian-broth doutang available. Dishes seem to be less oily than at other restaurants.
Dianxin Nan Jie & Xiao Tian Zhong Jie
访友会 • 电信南街和小天中街

Sichuan cuisine. 5 Tongzi Lin Dong Lu, Zhonghua Yuan Block 8, Zone B
馥园川菜酒楼 • 桐梓林东路5号中华苑B区8号 Tel. 85151414

One of the priciest restaurants in town. Afternoon dim sum available.
 Western Tower, 1-5, 19 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 银杏酒楼
人民南路四段19号 威斯顿联邦大厦1-5楼
 12 Lin Jiang Zhong Lu
银杏酒楼 • 临絓-中路12号
 8 Yong Ling Lu 银杏酒楼 • 永陵路8号
Tel. 87777788

Established and well-reputed Sichuanese restaurant. Moderately to very pricey, depending on how you order.
 41 Qinghua Lu (next to Dufu’s
Cottage north gate) 公馆菜姑姑筵店
Tel. 87320016
 121 Kehua Bei Lu
公馆菜明月楼店 • 科华北路121号
Tel. 85231391

 Grandma Wang’s
Buckwheat Noodles
The four tables here are always full at meal times. Tasty buckwheat noodles, vegetarian available. Also try steamed rice cakes and zongzi. 5 RMB will get you a nice lunch.
Yulin Nan Lu, near Yulin Shenghuo Guangchang, close to the bus station
王婆荞面馆 • 玉林南路 玉林生活广场附近

 Gutou Tang Mixian
Inexpensive, excellent rice-noodle soup.
57 Shangsheng Jie (near Shuncheng Dajie)
骨头汤米线 • 上升街57号(顺城大街很近)
Tel. 66903823

 Hai Ling Ge
69 Tonghuimen Lu (next to Changfu Xin Cheng apartment complex)
海凌阁大酒楼 • 通惠门路69号长富新城1号楼底楼 Tel. 86691122

Kempinski Hotel’s Sichuanese restaurant, with a reputation for seafood and buffet.
42 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 縗-宾斯基饭店
人民南路4段42号 Tel. 85269999

Huchengjikoumo Longyan Baozi
Mr. Hu started his baozi stand about 30 years ago, and today it’s still known for delicious and affordable food. Get stuffed for 10 RMB.
 6 Yandao Jie Meihua Bldg. 1st Fl.
盐道街6号美华大厦1楼 Tel. 86650736
 Xinhong Lu 新鸿路 Tel. 84345738

 Jin Guanguan Restaurant
Decent food, nice ambience, picture menu. 173 Dongshun Lu
金罐罐酒家 • 东顺路173号

 Long Chaoshou
Famous for snacks and folk performances. Must-trys: 龙砛-手 (wonton), 赖汤圆 (sweet glutinous rice filled with black sesame), 凉面 (cold noodles). 6-8 Chunxi Lu, South Sect. 龙砛-手总店 • 春熙路南段6-8
Tel. 86666947

 Museum of Sichuan Cuisine Interactive Demonstration Hall
Classic Sichuan cuisine prepared in an open kitchen. Museum of Sichuan Cuisine, Pixian Guchengzhen
成都川菜博物馆 • 郫县古城镇 Tel. 87919398

 My Humble Home
Sticky rice with beef and tofu-wrapped sushi dipped in sauce as well as black fungus and snow peas are recommended. Thumbs up for interior design with glass walls surrounded by bamboo and friendly service. 9 Jinghua Lu
寒舍 • 菁华路9号,杜甫草堂侧,浣花溪公园内
Tel. 87362222

 Old Courtyard
Like the name says, old-Chengdu-style atmosphere. Consistent dishes, large menu, reasonable prices. 31 Yihuan Lu South Sect.1  老院子中餐馆 • 一环路南一段31号 Tel. 85458844

 Qiao Jiang Nan
2 Zijing Bei Lu, Zijing Cinema 2nd Fl. 俏絓-南 • 紫荆北路2号,紫荆电影院2楼
Tel. 85171122

 Qing Zhou Snacks
Specializes in “zhou” (rice porridge); also has point-and-choose cold dishes and fried dishes. 14 Yulin Dong Jie
清粥小吃 • 玉林东街14号

Shu Fu Yan Yu
 8 Fangcao Dong Jie
蜀府宴语 • 芳草东街8号 Tel. 85127080
 Hongji Dong Lu
蜀府宴语 • 牛王庙宏济东路 Tel. 84545111

 Shunxing Old Teahouse
Sichuan-styled restaurant features original, period furnishings. Famous for nightly “face-changing” shows. OK snack sets. Nice place to show visitors. Reservations required.
258 Shawan Lu (Chengdu International Expo Center, 3rd Fl.) 顺兴老茶馆
Tel. 87693238

 Sovereign Shark Restaurant
Sichuanese and seafood, including shark dishes that start at 300 RMB.
4 Xinxiwang Lu 至尊鲨鱼 • 新希望路4号
Tel. 85355577 85356677

 Stone-ground Douhua > D6
Midscale restaurant serves various types of douhua as well as fried dishes. Picture menu. 9 Yihuan Lu, South Sect.3
石磨豆花庄 • 一环路南三段9号
Tel. 85558108

 Tan Yu Tou
Manhattan Mansion, 49 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4
谭鱼头 • 人民南路四段49号曼哈顿大厦
Tel. 85222266

 Tao Ran Ju
This restaurant serves up Chongqing-Sichuan cuisine. Some criticize its average prices, service, and dishes, but to most Chinese, it’s good. Try: 田螺 (snail), 糯米排骨 (ribs with sticky rice), 芋儿烧鸡 (chicken with tarot root).
15 Yulin Nan Lu
陶然居 • 玉林南路15号 Tel. 85561299

 Tian Tian Fishport
17-35 Lingshiguan Lu
天天鱼港 • 领事馆路17号附35号
Tel. 85242469
 223 Jichang Lu
天天鱼港 • 机场路223号 Tel. 85199618

Popular Sichuanese restaurant next to the Sichuan University west gate. 127-129 Kehua Bei Lu 蜀府嘉筵 • 科华北路127-129号 Tel. 85225685 81930413

 Yangyang Canguan
Zongbei’s renowned restaurant. Two floors, terrace, limited English menu. Relatively inexpensive, good food and fast service. 32 Jingyuan Xiang
(just off Kehua Bei Lu) 杨杨餐馆
棕北小区锦苑巷32号 Tel. 85231394

33 Wuyue Gong Jie (near Wenshu Temple)
玉园餐厅 • 文殊坊,五岳宫街33号
Tel. 86917731/86917730

 Wangs’ Jiaozi Shop
Lots of jiaozi, including vegetarian varieties, and a few noodle dishes. Bulk orders can be premade and delivered locally. Foreigner-friendly. Inside south gate of Sichuan University, Zhulincun.
双王水饺店 • 川大竹林村南大门
Tel. 89977360/13688150063

 Zao Wang
Midscale restaurant with picture menu. Try broccoli with garlic.
11 Renmin Nan Lu Sect. 4  灶王酒楼 • 人民南路四段11号  Tel. 85251188/85259997


 Chongqing Kongliang Shanyu Hotpot
Typical Sichuanese hotpot specializing in eels. You can opt for minimal chili or plain broth, but locals go for the max spicy red chili oil. Recommendations: 鳝鱼 (eel), 毛肚 (tripe), 鹅肠 (goose intestine). 368-6 Qingjiang Dong Lu
清絓-东路368-6号 Tel. 87338779

 Huangcheng Laoma
One of the most prestigious hotpot restaurants in Chengdu, this is the place to take guests you’re trying to impress. It’s not even about the food-the four-storied building showcases various interior-design feats as well as a photo gallery and ancient Chinese typewriters on display.
 20 Erhuan Lu, South Sect.3
皇城老妈 • 二环路南三段20号
Tel. 85139999
 106 Qintai Lu 琴台路106号
Tel. 86148510/86131752
 Southgate of the Jinsha Museum, opposite the parking lot
Tel. 81713030/81713232

 Jianghu Weidao
Famous for hotpot; this place also has tortilla-like dishes that you can fill with meat and vegetables. 7-9 Yihuan Lu
味道絓-湖火锅 • 一环路西三段7-9号
Tel. 87762319

 Lion Pavilion
Upscale restaurant specializes in sea-food and hotpot. Impressive looking place suitable for banquet dinners.“Good look, good food, and good taste, your lip and teeth cannot forget its affection,” promises the restaurant’s flashy website.
Shizi Lou, 30 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
狮子楼 • 人民南路四段30号
Tel. 85587979

 Three Ears Hot Pot
Very good hot pot restaurant. You can choose red chili oil, or if you prefer bu lade, you can try the consomme. Locals go for the cold pan fish.
10 Ni Jia Qiao Lu  三只耳火锅总店
倪家桥路10号 Tel. 85530188

 Wa Kuai Shao
Authentic hangout for the Southwest Finance & Econ Uni students-get ready to practice your Sichuanese. Choose a broth flavor, and you’ll be served a hot-pot-like bowl of vegetables and meat. Adjacent to the eastern gate of the university
瓦块烧 • 西南财綷-大学旁边
Tel. 89955062/89955065

Yulin Chuanchuan Xiang
Popular chuanchuan xiang restaurant with dozens of branches across Sichuan.
 58 Yulin Zhengjie
玉林串串香 • 玉林正街 58号 Tel. 85580723
 Fangcao Jie  玉林串串香 • 芳草街
 2 Kehua Jie 玉林串串香 • 科华街 2号
Tel. 85460385


Greenwich Village, 3rd Fl., 1 Wangjiang Lu
阿狼粤菜 • 望絓-路一号中海格林威治城
Tel. 85292128 85292201

 Haiyang Guanshi
Fish, sea food and Cantonese cuisine. Open ‘til 3 a.m. Chunjiang HuaYue Bldg. 2 117-119
海洋广式菜馆 • 武侯大街春絓-花月二栋117-119号 Tel. 85596769

 Harbour City Restaurant
Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine.
18 Changshun Xiajie 海港城大酒楼
长顺下街18号 Tel. 86258880

 Hollywood Hong Kong
26 Hollywood Plaza, 18 Erhuan Lu South Sect.3 好莱坞港式茶餐厅

 Palace Restaurant
Various Chinese cuisines. 15 Binjiang Zhong Lu  素菲特万达大饭店
滨絓-中路15号 Tel. 66669999 x3366

 Shan Hai Huichuan Cantonese  (Area: Tongzi Lin) Zhonghua Yuan, Block 24, Zone B, 10-21 Tongzilin Bei Lu
Tel. 85123202

 Shang Palace
Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine, including dim sum. Shangri-La Hotel, 2nd Fl., 9 Binjiang Dong Lu
香宫 • 香格里繺-大酒店 • 滨絓-东路9号
Tel. 88889999 x6468

 Yue Restaurant
Upscale Hong Kong-style restaurant. Lido Bldg. B, Isetan Dept. Store, 7th Fl., Dakejia Alley No. 8 海悦花园大酒店中餐厅
Tel. 86717789


Baidu Kaorou
North Korean/Dongbei-inspired restaurant. Much like hotpot except instead of a pot there is a grill in the center of each table upon which you cook your meats and veggies.
 5 Kehua Jie
百度烤肉专门店 • 科华街5号 Tel. 66225559
 9 Hongwasi Jie
百度烤肉专门店 • 红瓦寺街9号
Tel. 85245588

Big Shot Macau Hot Pot Specialty
 Shidai Huazhuang Mansion 2nd Fl., Hongxing Lu Sect.4  有来头澳门猪骨煲
红星路四段时代华章二楼 Tel. 86660480
 Yulin Shenghuo Plaza 2nd Fl., Yulin Nan Lu  有来头澳门猪骨煲
玉林南路玉林生活广场2楼 Tel. 85550302

 Century Imperial Restaurant
Sichuanese and Cantonese food and Modern Chinese Cuisine.
世纪皇庭中餐厅 • 人民中路2段68号8楼
Tel. 6676 8888

 Donghu Shouxi
Erhuan Lu East Sect.5
(opp. Donghu Park main gate)
东湖首席 • 二环路(内侧)东五段(东湖公园大门正对面) Tel. 84538888

Haerbin Jiaozi
Not the place to take a gold-digging date
you’re trying to impress, this northeastern-cuisine chain gets the job done with little damage to your budget. Vegetarian friendly. Try the suancai and hongcang for flavors reminiscent of Russian cuisine; wash it down with Dongbei “Hapi” beer.
 11 Yulin Xi Lu
哈尔滨饺子 • 玉林西路11号
 77 Xinnan Lu  哈尔滨饺子

 Halal Restaurant
Muslim food. English menu available. Huangcheng Mosque 1st Fl., Xiyu Jie
皇城寺天方楼大饭店 • 西御街108号
皇城清真寺一楼 Tel. 86144821

Lanzhou Lamian
Not to be confused with Xinjiang noodles, these shops are great for quick, inexpensive noodles day or night.
If you order the “pulled” noodles you can watch the noodle-making process. Vegetable-rich fried noodles are reminiscent of Western pastas. Shops are all over but here are two notable locations:
 17 Shanxi Jie
兰州繺-面陕西街店 • 陕西街17号
Tel. 86134961
 3 Wuhouci Da Jie
清真兰州繺-面 • 武候祠大街3号
Tel. 85567928

 Macau Restaurant
28 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4  澳门豆佬
人民南路四段28号 Tel. 85521777

 Lido Square Block A,
8 Dakejia Xiang, Chunxi Lu
牛牛福 • 大科甲巷8号利都广场A座
Tel. 86718715
 11-15 Waishuangnan Zhixin Lu 牛牛福
外双楠置信路11-15号 Tel. 87042323
 Zonghe Bldg. 2nd Fl.,
13 Yihuan Lu, South Sect.4
牛牛福 • 一环路南四段13号综合楼2楼
Tel. 85159393

 Xinjiang Xueliang
Come here for Xinjiang fare-not to be confused with the numerous Lanzhou noodle shops around town. “Big plate fried chicken,” noodles, vegetables, savory flatbreads and sweet, bagel-like breads. Yihuan Lu at Jiuyan Qiao
新疆雪亮餐厅 • 九眼桥


 A Lotus on the Water
Much-touted vegetarian restaurant, inside the Wenshu area. Not to be confused with the restaurant inside the monastery (see below). 5 Baiyunsi Jie, Wenshu Fang
清水荷花 • 文殊坊 • 白云寺街5号2楼
Tel. 86921839

 Qingyang Gong Vegetarian
Qingyang Temple, Yihuan Lu West Sect.2
一环路西二段 • 青羊宫 Tel. 7766584

 Vegetarian Hall of Wenshu Monastery
15 Wenshuyuan Jie 文殊院素厅
文殊院街  Tel. 86932018/86932058

 Vegetarian Lifestyle
Taiwanese chain with a policy of no smoking, no alcohol, no egg, no meat and no MSG. Plenty of imitation-meat dishes served in small portions. Chinese, English and Japanese menu offers selections from China’s major cuisines.
Zaozi Shu 4-A Platinium Age City II Bldg. 27 Qinglong Jie
枣子树 • 青龙街27号2号楼4楼 铂金城内
Tel. 86282848

 Xiang Ji Chu
1 Dianxin Nan Jie
香积厨 • 电信南街1号  Tel. 85542531

 Zhaojue Temple Restaurant
Temple near the pandas serves take-out-style vegetarian. Zhaojuesi Sushiguan Beijiao Qinglongchang Zhen 昭觉寺素餐馆 • 北郊青龙场镇


 Bread & Ice (MYS)
Breads, cakes, pies. 54 Kehua Bei Lu
麦元素 • 科华北路54号 Tel. 66561196

 Kempi Deli
Kempinski Hotel’s bakery and deli. Gourmet foods. Tel. 85269999 x5545

Belgian chocolates. 129 Zi Wei Dong Lu
绍泰商贸有限公司 • 紫薇东路
or get it in the Isetan Supermarket
Tel. 13922889058
 Q’s Cafe
Cakes and pastries. Free delivery within the 3rd Ring Road of 120 RMB or more. Isetan -1F Chunxi Lu Lido Guangchang
伊势丹商场负一楼 • 春熙路利都广场
(伊腾旁边) Tel. 86725987

 Red Cloud’s Baked Goods
Breads, cakes, cookies, pies, tortillas, etc. Free delivery on orders of 50 RMB or more. English/Chinese. Tel. 13882083542

Bakery of the Intercontinental Hotel with pastries, cakes, and chocolates.
Intercontinental Hotel, 88 Shiji Cheng Lu
天堂洲际大饭店 • 世纪城路88号
Tel. 85349999

 Vitalia Süssigkeiten
Sweets and chocolates. Kehua Jie, Sichuan
University Zhanye Dasha  瑞思縗-特
Tel. 85408687


Dairy Queen
American fast-food ice-cream chain.
 Ground floor of Ito Yokado, Hongxing Lu Sect.3, 8 Kejiaxiang
红星路三段大科甲巷8号 • 伊藤洋华堂1楼
 Yanshikou Zhonghuan Guangchang New World Dept. Store, 1st Fl.

Häagen Dazs
New York-based ice-cream chain. Expect New York prices, and then some.
 1-2 Chunxi Bei Lu Zhongshan Plaza
哈根达斯 • 锦絓-区春熙北路1-2号中山广场
Tel. 86664691
 New City Plaza, 1 Xi Dajie
西大街1号新城市广场 Tel. 86635675

 Mary Moo’s Creamery
Homemade ice cream. 12 Tongzi Lin Dong Lu, adjacent to Peter’s Tex Mex

1950s America-style ice-cream parlor.
8 Jinhuaguan, Chunxi Lu
双生 • 春熙路锦华馆8号


 Amusement Park
Houses a Ferris wheel and other rides.
Yihuan Lu, East Sect. 2
成都游乐园 • 成华区一环路二段

 Baihuatan Park
Western Sichuan bonsai, activities during Lantern Festival.
Yihuan Lu, West Sect. 1
百花潭公园 • 一环路西一段

 Chengdu Zoo
成都动物园 • 成都市外北

 Chunxi Lu
Shopping street.
Chunxi Lu 春熙路 • 红星路

 Cultural Park (Wenhua Gongyuan)
Catch Sichuan opera as well as other cultural festivities.
Qintai Lu 文化公园 • 琴台路

 Daci Temple
Buddhist monastery.
23 Dacisi Lu 大慈寺 • 大慈寺路23号
Tel. 86678411

 Dufu’s Cottage
Former residence of ancient poet.
1 Waixi Caotang Lu
杜甫草堂博物馆 • 外西草堂路1号
Tel. 87319258

 Flora Land
Western China’s largest theme park.
成都温絓- • 国色天香 Tel. 82611222

 Huanhuaxi Park
Largest open urban forest park in Chengdu. Next to Dufu’s Cottage
Qinghua Lu
浣花溪公园 • 青华路杜甫草堂旁

 Jinli Street
Folk-custom street with shops, teahouses, etc.
Nanmen Wuhouci Da Jie
锦里古街 • 南门武侯祠大街

 Panda Research Base
26 Xiongmao Dadao 大熊猫繁殖研究基地
熊猫大道26号 Tel. 83507901

 People’s Park
(Renmin Gongyuan)
City’s largest park.
Citang Jie 人民公园 • 祠堂街

 Qingyang Temple
Oldest and largest Taoist temple in Chengdu. 9 Yihuan Lu, West Sect. 2
青羊宫 • 一环路西二段9号 Tel. 87766584

 Qintai Lu
Traditional architecture street.
Qintai Lu 琴台路

 Tazishan Park
Houses the 13-story Jiutian Tower.
Wuguiqiao  塔子山公园 • 五桂桥

 Tianfu Square
Plaza in the center of the city
overlooked by a large Cultural
Revolution-era Mao Zedong statue.

 Tibetan Quarter
Tibetan restaurants and shops selling handicrafts, jewelry, etc.
Wuhouci Heng Jie
武侯祠横街 • 藏饰用品一条街

 Wang’s Tomb/Yong Mausoleum
Tomb of the first emperor of the Shu Kingdom.
10 Yongling Lu 王建墓博物馆 • 永陵路10号

 Wangjiang Pavilion & Bamboo Park
“River-viewing Pavilion” commemorating Tang poetess Xue Tao.
Wangjiang Lu at Jiuyan Qiao
望絓-楼 • 九眼桥望絓-路

 Wenshu Monastery
One of four Buddhist monasteries in western Sichuan.
Wenshu Yuan Jie 文殊院街
Tel. 86932375

 Wuhou Temple
Three Kingdoms relics, commemoration of Zhuge Liang and others.
231 Wuhouci Da Jie 武侯祠大街231号 Tel. 85581934

 Zhaojue Monastery
Tang Dynasty Buddhist monastery.
Qinglongchang 昭觉寺 • 青龙场


 Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum
California Garden Hotel, 5th Fl., 258 Shawan Lu  成都现代美术馆
沙湾路258号加州花园酒店贵宾楼五楼精品走廊 Tel. 87693942

 Chengdu Industrial Civilization Museum
1 Jianshe Lu 成都工业文明博物馆

 Chengdu Science & Engineering University Museum
1 Erxian Qiao Dong San Lu, Chenghua District 成都理工大学博物馆 • 成华区二仙桥东三路1号 Tel. 84077579

 Chengdu Shu Brocade Museum
268 Huanhua Nan Lu 成都蜀锦织绣博物馆
浣花南路268号 Tel. 87383891

 Jianchuan Museum Cluster
Private museums include Resistance against Japanese Aggression and Folk Customs. Dayi County, Anren Town
建川博物馆聚落  Tel. 88318000

 Jinsha Site Museum
2 Jinsha Yi Zhi Lu (Qingyang Dadao)
金沙遗址博物馆 • 金沙遗址路2号
(青羊大道) Tel. 87777137

 Museum of Sichuan Cuisine
Pixian Guchengzhen
成都川菜博物馆 • 郫县古城镇 Tel. 87919398

 Sanxingdui Museum
广汉三星堆博物馆 Tel. 083-85500349

 Sichuan University Museum
East gate of SCU campus, 29 Wangjiang Lu
四川大学博物馆 • 望絓-路29号

 Sichuan Science & Technology Museum
16 Renmin Nan Zhong Lu, Sect.1
科技馆 • 人民中路一段16号
(診-四川省展览馆) Tel. 86609999


 A4 Gallery
20 Lushan Dadao Sect. 2, Renmin Nan Lu South Extension, Chengnan Lushan International Community Contemporary Art Gallery, Luzhen
A4籠-廊 • 人民南路南延线麓山大道二段20号城南麓山国际社区的当代艺术籠-廊麓镇
Tel. 85761292

 A Thousand Plateaus
New gallery showcasing contemporary Chinese artists. 87 Fangqin Jie (next to new Little Bar) 千高診-艺术空间

 Blue Room Gallery
Music Hall west end, 1st Fl.,
48 Shuinianhe Lu
蓝色空间籠-廊 • 水碾河路48号娇子音乐厅一楼西侧  Tel. 84456916

Chengdu Library
Tel. 86126155

 Feima Gallery
9 Shenglong Jie  非马籠-廊 • 盛隆街9号
Tel. 85213986

 K Gallery
87 Fangqin Jie No. 3-4 K
籠-廊 • 芳沁街87号附3-4号
Tel. 66564898/66458672

 Sanhe Gallery
2 Xinyuan Nanyi Lu, Jichang Lu, Singapore Industrial Park, Hi-Tech Park
三和籠-廊 • 高新区机场路新加坡工业园区新园南一路 2 号

 Sichuan Art Museum
20 Renmin Xi Lu
美术展览馆 • 人民西路20号 Tel. 86636302

West Gallery B4
Songxian Qiao Art City, Area A, 1st Fl., No. 42-43, 22 Huanhua Bei Lu
西部籠-廊 • 浣花北路22号送仙桥艺术城A区1层42-43号
Tel. 87350627

 XLY Museum of Modern Art
Shuijing Guangchang, Sansheng Xiang, Hongsha Cun, Jinjiang District
许燎源现代设计艺术博物馆 • 锦絓-区三圣乡红砂村水景广场 Tel. 84678558
Bus 56 to Hongsha station (红砂站)

 Yafeng Gallery
18 Yingbin Dadao, Jinniu District
雅风当代艺术籠-廊 • 金牛区覾-宾大道18号
Tel. 87513035


 Chengdu Arts Center
48 Shui Nian He Lu  成都艺术中心
水碾河路48号 Tel. 84456688

 Sichuan Jincheng Art Palace
61 Renmin Dong Lu 锦城艺术宫
人民东路61号 Tel. 86659253

 Sichuan Opera Art Museum
Jinjiang Theater, 54 Hua Xing Zheng Jie
川剧艺术博物馆 • 华兴正街54号锦絓-剧场
Tel. 86622414


 Baihua Cinema
12 Qingyang Zhengjie
百花电影院 • 青羊正街12号 Tel. 86637891

 Caotang Cinema
1 Beixiangzi Jiekou
草堂影城 • 北巷子街口1号 Tel. 87688380

 Cannes Multiplex
6 Huayang Binghe Lu  成都戛纳影城
华阳滨河路6号 Tel. 81506625

 Chengdu SFG International Film Center
Bailian Tianfu Mall, 5th Fl.
成都上应国际影城 • 百联天府购物中心5楼
Tel. 82008855

 Dongfeng Cinema
54 Dongcisi Lu
东风电影院 • 大慈寺路54号 Tel. 86622209

 Garden Cinema
18 Yihuan Lu South Sect.3  花园影城
一环路南三段18号 Tel. 85544206

 Heping Cinema
71 Caoshi Jie
和平电影院 • 草市街71号 Tel. 66172978

 Jiahua Cinema
International Exhibition Center, 3rd Fl., Shawan Lu  加华电影城
沙湾路国际会展中心3楼 Tel. 87675971

 Pacific Cinema
21 Qingnian Lu
太平洋电影城 • 青年路21号 Tel. 86652427

 Sichuan Cinema
8 Citang Jie
四川电影院 • 祠堂街8号 Tel. 86121084

 Shuangnan Cinema
Ito Yokado, 6th Fl., Erhuan Lu West Sect. 1, 6 Yidu Lu  双楠电影城
Tel. 87029828

 Wangfujing Cinema
15 Zongfu Lu
王府井电影院 • 总府路15号 Tel. 86756351

 Workers’ Cultural Palace Theater
61 Tidu Jie  劳动人民文化宫电影院
提督街61号 Tel. 86754409

Xingmei Southwest Cinemas
 75 Xia Xinshuncheng Jie (Yanshi kou)
星美西南影都 • 下西顺城街75号
(盐市口人民商场对面) Tel. 86653808
 Fifth Avenue Bldg. B, 4th Fl., 26 Jianshe Lu (next to Dianzi Keda)
(电子科技大学旁)  Tel. 84339285
 12 Yihuan Lu South Sect.1 (Hongwasi intersection)  星美学府影城
一环路南一段12号红瓦寺路口 Tel. 85211595

 Zijing Cinema
2 Zijing Bei Lu 紫荆电影城 • 紫荆北路2号


 Chengdu Dreams Travel Hostel
242 Wuhouci Dajie
武侯祠大街242号 Tel. 85570315

 Chufa Youth Hostel
1 Beisen Bei Lu
出发国际旅舍 • 贝蒤-北路1号 Tel. 81710445

 Dragontown Hostel
26 Kuang Xiangzi
龙堂青年旅舍 • 宽巷子26号
Tel. 86668408

 Holly’s Hostel
246 Wuhouci Dajie 九龙鼎青年客栈
武侯祠大街246号 Tel. 85548131

 Loft No. 4 Factory
Tongren Lu 4 Xiao Tongxiang
四号工厂青年酒店 • 同仁路小通巷4号
Tel. 86265770

 Mix Hostel
23 Ren Jia Wan, Xing Hui Xi Lu
成都驴友记青年旅舍 • 万福桥星辉西任家湾23号 Tel. 83222271

 Sam’s Guesthouse
130 Shaanxi Jie (behind Rongcheng Hotel)  陕西街130号  Tel. 86118322

 Sim’s Cozy Guesthouse
Yihuan Lu North Sect.4
欢华青年旅舍 • 一环路北四段211号
Tel. 81979337

 Traffic Hotel
6 Linjiang Lu (next to Xinnan Men station)
交通饭店 • 临絓-路6号 Tel. 85451017


 Chengdu Hotel
1 Shudu Dadao Dongduan
成都饭店 • 蜀都大道东段1号
Tel. 84448888

 Philharmonic Hotel of SCCM
47 Yihuan Nan Lu, Sect.1
川音爱乐酒店 • 一环路南一段47号
Tel. 85490999

 Shudu Mansion Hotel
20 Shuwa Bei San Jie  蜀都大厦宾馆
署袜北三街20号 Tel. 86753888


 Amara Hotel
2 Taisheng Bei Lu
天府阳光酒店 • 太升北路2号 Tel. 86922233

 Boli Holiday Hotel
18 Yingbin Dadao
博力假日酒店 • 覾-宾大道18号 Tel. 87501888

 Brilliance Garden Hotel
11 Yangguang Lu, Longquanyi District
博瑞花园酒店 • 龙泉驿区阳光大道11号
Tel. 84839888

 California Garden Hotel
258 Shawan Lu
加州花园酒店 • 沙湾路258号 Tel. 87649999

 Crowne Plaza Hotel
31 Zongfu Lu 总府皇冠假日酒店
总府路31号 Tel. 86786666

 E’mei Shan International
Grand Hotel
66 Yi Huan Xi Lu, Sect.2
峨眉山国际大酒店 • 二环路西二段66号
Tel. 87335888

 Garden City Hotel
8 Daye Lu, Yanshikou
四川华洋花园城大酒店 • 盐市口大业路8号
Tel. 8666338

 Green Plant Hotel
131 Yipintianxia Dajie Area A, Bldg. 5
格林普兰特酒店 • 一品天下大街A区131号
Tel. 87535888

 Greenland Hotel
99 Zhonglieci Xi Jie 绿洲大酒店
忠烈祠西街99号 Tel. 86628899

 Green Westin Hotel
522 Shuhan Lu  格林威斯汀酒店
蜀汉路522号 Tel. 87576666

 Haiyatt Garden Hotel
Chunxi Lu Dongduan Buxing Jie
海悦花园大酒店 • 春熙路东段步行街
Tel. 81918888

 Han Yi Hotel
2 Xinxiwang Lu
汉易酒店 • 新希望路2号 Tel. 85217777

 Holiday Inn West Century City
1 Middle Section, Tianfu Dadao
皇冠假日酒店 • 世纪城新国际会展中心天府大道中段1号
Tel. 85348888
Reservations: 800-8304088
Mobile: 400-8840888

 Homeland Hotel
(Airport Expressway)
181 Jichang Lu (Meihao Garden)
家园国际大酒店 • 机场路181号 美好花园
Tel. 82936666

 Intercontinental Hotel
(Century City) 88 Shiji Cheng Lu
天堂洲际大饭店 • 世纪城路88号
Tel. 85349999
Reservations 800 8303608

 Jingchuan Hotel
144 Yihuan Lu, West Sect.1 京川宾馆
一环路西一段144号 Tel. 87014938

 Jinjiang Hotel
80 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.2 锦絓-宾馆
人民南路二段80号 Tel. 85506666

 Jinyu Sunshine Hotel
88 Shuanglin Lu
金玉阳光酒店 • 双林路88号 Tel. 66138888

 Kempinski Hotel
42 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 縗-宾斯基饭店
人民南路四段42号 Tel. 85269999

 Luoman Grand
22 Renmin Zhong Lu, Sect.2 罗曼大酒店
人民中路二段22号 Tel. 82929999

 Minshan Hotel
55 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.2 岷山饭店
人民南路二段55号 Tel. 85583333

 Prime Hotel
8 Zongfu Lu
紫微酒店 • 银座 总府路8号 Tel. 86666168

 Romantic Holiday Hotel
22 Renmin Zhong Lu Sect.2 罗曼大酒店
人民中路二段22号 Tel. 82929999

 Samsara Hotel
68 Renmin Zhong Lu Sect.2
成都瑞城名人酒店 (診-成都圣索亚酒店)
人民中路二段68号 Tel. 66768888

 Shangri-la Hotel
9 Binjiang Dong Lu  香格里繺-大酒店
宾絓-东路9号 Tel. 88889999

 Sheraton Lido Hotel
15 Renmin Zhong Lu, Sect.1
天府丽都喜来登饭店 • 人民中路一段15号
Tel. 86768999

Sichuan Hotel
 31 Zongfu Jie 四川宾馆 • 总府街31号
 47 Beixin Jie 四川宾馆 • 北新街47号 Tel. 86755555

 Sishoan Enjoyable Stars Hotel
33 Desheng Lu
星逸酒店 • 德盛路33号 Tel. 86919999

 Sofitel Wanda
15 Binjiang Zhong Lu 索菲特万达大饭店
宾絓-中路15号 Tel. 66669999

 Tibet Hotel
10 Renmin Bei Lu
西藏饭店 • 人民北路10号 Tel. 83183388

 Wangjiang Hotel
42 Xiashahepu
望絓-宾馆 • 下沙河铺42号 Tel. 87490000

 Water Hotel
53-57 Taisheng Nan Lu 沃特酒店
太升南路53-57号 Tel. 82988888

 Western Royal Palace Hotel
8 Xiyu Jie
皇城西御饭店 • 西御街8号 Tel. 86441999

 Xinliang Hotel
53 Shangdong Jie
新良大酒店 • 上东大街53号 Tel. 86739999

 Xin Shulian Hotel
17 Yihuan Lu North Sect.2 Xi’er Lu
新蜀联大酒店 • 一环路北二段西二路17号
Tel. 83172222

 Yinhe Dynasty Intercontinental Hotel
88 Xiaxi Shuncheng Jie
银河王朝大酒店 • 顺城大街88号
Tel. 86618888

 Zenec International Hotel
16 Hongxing Lu Sect.3  正熙国际酒店
红星路三段16号 Tel. 80639999


 Air China
41 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.2
民航机票处 • 人民南路2段41号

 Asiana Airlines
Mingxing Financial Tower, Rm. 2801, 88 Tidu Jie 提督街88号民兴金融大厦2801座

 China Eastern Airlines
Hongda Mansion, 1st Fl., 2 Jinli Dong Lu
东方航空公司 • 锦里东路2号宏达大厦1楼
Tel. 86155133

 China Southern Airlines
19 Shandong Dajie
南方航空公司 • 上东大街19号 Tel. 86663618

 Finn Air
芬兰航空公司 Tel. 86628081

 Hainan Airlines
Western Tower, 9th Fl., Ste. 9, 19 Renmin Nan Lu 海南航空公司
Tel. 85268880/85268268

 KLM/Air France
Times Square Bldg. A, Rm. 1603B, 2 Zongfu Lu 荷兰皇家航空公司
Tel. 86716960

德国汉莎航空公司 Tel. 84540089

 Sichuan Airlines
11 Renmin Nan Lu, 2nd Sect.
四川航空公司 • 人民南路二段11号
Tel. 86654858/86657163
Airport Ticketing Office
Tel. 85205995/85205445

 Singapore Airlines
First City Plaza 36C, 308 Shuncheng Da Jie
新加坡区域航空公司 • 顺城大街308号

 Thai Air
Sichuan Hotel 1st Fl., 31 Zongfu Jie
泰国航空公司 • 四川宾馆1楼总府街31号


 Dragon Expeditions
Guided trekking, mountaineering and caving in and around Sichuan. Ropework training. Team-building events. Equipment sales. 9 Gaoshengqiao Lu, Luofushijia Phase 1, 4-1-104
Tel. 85082770

Gaodao Connect
Advice and bookings for adventure sports and travel.

Tour operators and consultants. Lianyi Mansion, 5th Fl., No. 501-12, 20 Jiangxi Jie 浆洗街20号联亿大厦5楼501-12
Tel. 85582963

Pep Tours
Cultural and adventure tours.

Western Sichuan Tours
Culture, Buddhism, trekking, mountaineering and bird-watching tours in western Sichuan. Tel. 13980035421

 Buy Now Climbing Wall
Reasonable climbing wall bolted to the right-hand side of Buy Now computer market. 水岩地带室外岩壁 • 一环路南一段磨子桥百脑汇电脑城 Tel. 13981853445

 Dengke Bouldering Wall
Limited selection of outdoor supplies and bouldering wall of regularly changing name and ownership opposite the Hemp House. Oriental Times Plaza No. 305, 18-23 Xia Dong Dajie, Dongmen Daqiao
登客抱石馆 下东大街18-23号东方时代商城305 Tel. 86676728

 China Mountain Outdoor
Discount outdoor shop. Good selection of clothing reasonable selection of climbing equipment. 238 Wuhouci Da Jie No. 2
中国山户外店  武侯祠大街238号附2号
Tel. 85580611

French outdoor hypermarket.
9 Zhanhua Lu, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (opposite IKEA)
迪卡侬 成都高新区站华路9号(宜家对面) Tel. 85310388

 Odo Outdoors
Outdoor shop.
Yulin Shenghuo Guangchang, 1st Fl.,
No.137 (under Empty Bottle Bar) 探索户外
玉林生活广场一楼137号  Tel. 85599177

 Renmin Nan Lu Area Outdoor Shops
The original outdoor shop district of Chengdu, soon to be demolished as part of the Metro developments. A good selection but high prices and much fake clothing. Tiaosanta area, Renmin Nan Lu at Yihuan Lu  跳伞塔周边户外店铺

 Wuhou Temple Area Outdoor Shops
Some good deals to be had, but prepare to bargain hard and beware of fakes. Across the road from and south of Wuhou Temple. 武侯祠周边户外店铺


 Chengdu Shuangliu
International Airport
成都双流国际飞机场 Flight inquiries: 85205333 Ticket hotline: 85205518

 Airport Bus
5 a.m. to nighttime, departs every 20 minutes from Civil Aviation Ticket Office,
Renmin Nan Lu, Sect. 2 人民南路二段民航售票处
Taxi Passenger Transport Administration
Tel. 86636630

 North Train Station
Renmin Bei Lu, Sect. 1
火车北站 • 人民北路一段 Tel. 83322088
Ticket booking: 84445111

 Beimen Bus Station
Travel within Sichuan, incl. Zigong.
197 Yihuan Lu North Sect. 4
北门汽车站 • 一环路北四段197号
Tel. 83379863

 Chadianzi Bus Station
Westbound travel, incl. Songpan, Jiuzhaigou, Dujiangyang, Qingcheng Shan, Siguniang Shan, Aba and Ganzi Prefectures.
茶店子汽车客运站  Tel. 87506610

 North Bus Station (Gaosuntang)
Langzhong, Bazhong, Santai, Zigong, Yibin, etc.
Erhuan Lu North Sect. 3
高笋塘汽车站 • 二环路北三段
Tel. 83382584

 Jinsha Bus Station
Westbound travel, incl. Wenjiang, Dayi.
50 Qingjiang Zhong Lu 金沙汽车客运站
清絓-中路50号 Tel. 87345329

 Shiyangchang Bus Station
Southbound travel, incl. Le Shan, E’mei Shan, Ya’an.
石羊场汽车客运站 Tel. 85157719

 Wuguiqiao Bus Station
Eastbound travel, incl. Chongqing.
五桂桥汽车站 Tel. 84711692

 Xinnanmen Bus Station
Travel to major tourist destinations within Sichuan. 57 Linjiang Lu
成都旅游汽车客运中心 • 新南门临絓-路57号 Tel. 85433609

 Zhaojuesi Bus Station
Northbound travel, incl. Deyang, Mianyang, Jiangyou, Pingwu.
昭觉寺汽车客运站 Tel. 83501749


 Chengdu Gangyu
Car Rental Agency
109 Shuangqiao Lu, Aviation Guesthouse Rms. 622-24  成都港宇汽车租赁有限公司
双桥路109号 (航空局招待所622-624室)
Tel. 84305266/84304266/86080797

 Chengdu Shutong
Car Rental Agency
Chengdu Garden Commercial Bldg., 2nd Fl. 10 Qingyang Dadao
Tel. 87314198

 Chengdu Long Journey
Car Rental
Platinum City 2-15-1110, Qinglong Jie
Tel. 66185750/8756456

Chengdu Yulong Automobile Renting
 11 Yushuang Lu, Yihuan Lu East Sect.3 玉龙俱乐步二楼
一环路东三段玉双路11号 Tel. 84288877
 47 Yongfeng Lu Fengshang Yulin Commerce Port 1st Fl. 玉龙汽车租赁有限公司 • 永丰路47号丰尚玉林商务港1楼
Tel. 85134222

 Comfort Delgro Rent-A-Car
13 Jiancai Lu, 01-01 建材路13号01-01
Tel. 84718859

 Kehua Car Rental Agency
9 Xinguang Lu
科华汽车租赁有限公司 • 新光路9号
Tel. 85144999

 Peng Cheng Car Rental
19 Gaosheng Qiao Dong Lu No. 30
鹏程通租车行 • 高升桥东路19号附30号
Tel. 85147768/88055680/86065899

Top One Car Rental
 Airport Arrival Gate A 至尊租车公司机场到达出口A Tel. 85205361
Airport Arrival Gate B 至尊租车公司机场到达出口B Tel. 85205362
 Dacheng Hotel, 72 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.2  至尊租车公司 • 大成宾馆
人民南路二段72号 Tel. 86111746/86111469


 25 Hours Fitness Club
Guangda Guoji Mansion 4th Fl., 2 Caoshi Jie  25小时健身俱乐部成都青羊店
Tel. 86919118/86916118

 Belina Fitness Club
Shangyelou 3rd Fl., Pangang Jinmao Mansion, Shawan Lu 贝力娜健康休闲俱乐部
Tel. 87702157/87702158

 Chengdu Megafit Fitness Centre
Level 5, Top City, 1 Xiao Kejia Xiang
美格菲健身中心 • 小科甲巷1号第一城5层
Tel. 86656908

 Haosha Jiangyumei Fitness Club
Wanhe Mansion 4th Fl., 1 Babao Jie
浩沙健与美健身俱乐部 • 八宝街1号万和大厦4楼 Tel. 86276887/86277738

 Jiamei Fitness Club
Minzu Hotel Bldg. A, 3rd Fl., 8 Yongling Lu
佳美健身健美俱乐部 • 永陵路8号民族饭店A幢3楼 Tel. 87785476

Miracle Fitness
 Tianfu Shopping Mall,
Kehua Zhong Lu 奇迹健身 • 科华中路2号百联天府购物中心三楼 Tel. 85356311
 Shijie Diannao Cheng, South Sect.3 1st Ring Road

 Yingpaisi Fitness Club
503 Wuhou Dadao Shuangnan Section
英派斯健身俱乐部 • 武侯大道双楠段503号
Tel. 87429019


 Baoshan Village Golf Park
Pengzhou Longmen Mountain
彭州龙门山温泉旁回龙沟内 Tel. 83853858

 Chengdu Jiayuan International Hotel Golf Course
Meihao Gardens, 181 Jichang Lu
机场路181号美好花园 Tel. 82936666

 Chengdu Xinzhendi Golf Course
10 Shenxianshu Nan Lu
神仙树南路10号 Tel. 85123219

 Longquan Sunshine Sports Center
1 Jinhong Dadao
成都市龙泉驿区阳光体育城锦宏大道1号 Tel. 84832121

 Sichuan Dujiangyan Qingcheng Golf
Daguan Xiangcun, Dujiangyan
都絓-堰市大观乡 Tel. 87213413

 Sichuan International Golf Club (Muma Mountain Green)
18 holes; green fee 600 RMB weekdays, 800 RMB weekends/holidays. Muma Mountain Development Zone, Shuangliu
四川国际高尔夫俱乐部 牧马山球场
双流牧马山开发区 Tel. 85785088

 Sichuan Lushan International Golf Country Club
1 Huayang Long Lu, Huayang
Tel. 85761269

 Swan Lake Golf Course
888 Qingyang Dadao Polu
Tel. 81700888

 Yufu Guodu Wenquan Hotel
Wenquan Dadao, Sect.4
成都市温絓-区温泉大道4段 Tel. 82788888


Chengdu Cricket Club
Meets several times a month.
Tel. 13981960796

Chengdu Hash Harriers
A drinking club with a running problem.

 Chengdu Rugby Football Club
Meets at Sichuan University.

Chengdu Youth Sports League
Meets at Meishi International School

 International Snooker Club
Zijing Beilu, 3F Great World Shoping Mall 紫荆北路, 大世界商业广场三楼
Tel. 85143636

 Shambles Football Team
Meets at Sichuan University.


 Chengdu Sport University
2 Tiyuan Road, Department of Wushu 成都体育学院体院路2号武术系
Tel. 85091801

 Krav Maga Club
Classes, Tuesdays 7 - 8 p.m. and Saturdays 6 - 7 p.m.; children’s classes Saturdays, 1 - 2 p.m. Dolphin English School, Renmin Nan Lu, Sect. 4, 16 Yulin Dong Jie, Guojia Meilingju, 5th Fl.

 Mugen Ryu Martial Arts Academy
Nightly classes 7 to 9 p.m., weekend club class, Jujitsu grappling on Saturday evenings. Shaocheng Mansions, 3rd Fl., 98 Changshun Zhong Jie
Tel. 13018236007

 Olympic Boxing Training Center
Tae Kwon Do.
Near the Chengdu Sport University.
Tel. 13688013708


 Beauty Garden Spa
Xiangxieli Bldg. 3F, Tianfu Square
美丽花园 • 天府广场香榭里大厦3楼
Tel. 66292847

 Hanpei Spa
Pacific Dept. Store, 5th Fl., Quanxing Mansion, 68 Renmin Zhong Lu Sect.2
篭-沛 • 人民中路二段68号全兴大厦太平洋百货5楼 Tel. 86256688

Meiguiyuan, 6 Yulin Dong Lu No. 4
伽薰阁 • 玉林东路6号附4号 玫瑰苑
Tel. 85567575/85564033

 Jourdeness Spa
Taiwanese chain. Fenghuayuan No. 22, 7 Xinguang Lu  佐登妮丝
新光路7号风华苑附22号 Tel. 85199875

 Qicai Yinxiang Male Beauty Salon
Beautification for men: bathing, oil massage, spa treatment. Jinfu Garden Bldg. 1, 10th Fl., Ste. 1001, Tianxianqiao Bei Lu 成都七采印象男士美容会馆
Tel. 86666112/13551100377

 Xiangjiao Spa
48 Kejiaxiang Yaxin Shenghuo Plaza 5th Fl., Chunxi Lu  香觉SPA能量美学馆
Tel. 86651593/86651591

 Xiangzhangshu Spa
37 Zijing Xi Lu
香樟树SPA馆 • 紫荆西路37号
Tel. 85196668

 Youshengmeidi SPA
4th Fl., 1 Chunxi Lu, West Sect.
优胜美地养生馆 • 春熙路西一段1号4楼 Tel. 86673358

 Zunshang Boli
Spa & Beautification
China Gardens, Bldg. 16D, 9 Tongzilin Dong Lu  尊尚柏丽美容SPA
Tel. 85212177


 Chengdu Yinxiang Yoga
Jingang Shangcheng Bldg. A, 605, 59 Xiangnongsi Jie 成都印象瑜伽馆
Tel. 87660222/87666723

 Feifan Yoga
Yishu Huaxiang 17th Fl., 33 Ximianqiao Jie 非凡瑜伽馆 • 洗面桥街33号艺墅
花乡17层 Tel. 66018666

 Jiayue Yoga
Yatai Guangchang, C Bldg., 4th Fl., 58 Kehua Bei Lu 伽
科华北路亚太广场C座4楼 Tel. 85249928

 Yingzi Yoga
Bldg. A, 5th Fl., 168 Yihuan Lu West Sect.1
英姿瑜伽 • 一环路西一段168号A幢5楼
Tel. 87766557

 Yoga House Chengdu
Ashtanga yoga led by Natasha Devalia.
Tel. 13550137335


 Beisen Swimming Pool
1 Beisen Bei Lu
贝蒤-恒温游泳馆 • 贝蒤-路1号Tel. 81703652

 Blue Harbor Sports Pool
91 Xinghe Lu 蓝色港湾休闲游泳池
星河路91号 Tel. 87610077

 Dianzi Keda University Pool
North gate of UESTC,
4 Jianshe Bei Lu Sect. 2 电子科技大学游泳池 • 建设北路二段4号 • 电子科技大学北门
Tel. 83202154

 Eldo Garden Swimming Pool
Yindou Huayuan, 8 Xinguang Lu
银都花园游泳池 • 新光路8号

 Gloria Regent
2 Tongzilin Bei Lu 縗-菜帝景游泳池
桐梓林北路2号 Tel. 85155441

 Herijun Hot Springs Hotel
2-8 Nijia Qiao Lu, Renmin Nan Lu, Sect. 4
何日君酒店 • 人民南路四段倪家桥路2号富8号 Tel. 85555500

 Jinxiu Garden Swimming Pool
Inside east block of Jinxiu Huayuan, 46 Renmin Nan Lu Sect. 4 锦绣花园游泳池

 Mengzhuiwan Pool
1 Huaxing Lu 猛追湾游泳池 • 华星路1号 Tel. 86955840

 North Swimming Pool
9 Huapu Bei Lu 城北体育馆游泳池 • 花圃北路9号 Tel. 83230554

 Qingyang District Pool
65 Xi’an Bei Lu 青羊区游泳池
西安北路65号  Tel. 87768472

 Sichuan Provincial Swimming Pool
18 Yihuan Lu South Sect. 3
四川省游泳馆 • 一环路南三段18号
Tel. 85550932/85552486

Sichuan University Pools
 Sichuan University Wangjiang East pool 四川大学望絓-校区东区游泳池 Tel. 85412666
 Sichuan University Wangjiang West pool 四川大学望絓-校区西区游泳池
Tel. 85401143
 Sichuan University Huaxi pool
四川大学华西校区游泳池 Tel. 85502731

 Xinan Minzu Daxue University Pool
16 Yihuan Lu South Sect. 4
西南民族大学游泳池 Tel. 85523118

 Xinan Jiaoda University Pool
Near university east gate, 111 Erhuan Lu North Sect. 1 西南交大游泳池
Tel. 87600577

 Yinfeng Holiday Hot Springs
Sanyoutian Health Center, 2 Xiti Lu
三友天池道林养生中心音凰假日温泉会所青羊区西体路2号 Tel. 87700755

int Clinic

 Global Doctors
M to F 9 to 12 and 2 to 6. Call for after-hours service. Kelan Bldg., Bangkok Garden, 21 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4
环球医生成都诊所 • 人民南路4段21号
Tel. 85226058

 Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University
Sichuan’s largest hospital, 24 hours.
37 Guo Xue Xiang
四川大学华西医院 • 国学巷37号
Tel. 85422114

 Heart to Heart International
Chengdu Clinic
Reservation required. Brian L.Robinson, M.D. Cell: 13982286220; Wang LingFang, interpreter: 13096310427.
Chinese Medicine Hospital, 3rd Fl.,
11 Guanghua Cun Jie
心连心国际成都诊所 (美籍医生坐诊)
光华村街11号 • 青羊区中医院3楼
Tel. 87394243/87393241

 Parkway Health
Kurt Matthäus, M.D.: 13981813909/13880172012
Chengdu No. 1 People’s Hospital, 18 Wanxiang Bei Lu, Fanxiong Dadao, South High-Tech Zone 高新南区繁雄大道万象北路18号成都市第一人民医院

 Wise-Link Health Care
Samuel Weiss, corporate and personal medical consultation.
Zongbei Xiaoqu No. 11, 1st Fl.
棕北小区11号 Tel. 15902855940

State hosp

 Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital
8 to noon and 2:30 to 6. 32 Yihuan Lu, West Sect.2  四川省人民医院
一环路西二段32号 Tel. 87393241

 West China Medical University Second Hospital
Pediatrics, OB/GYN. 20 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.3 四川大学华西医院第二医院
人民南路3段20号 Tel. 85503960 (8am-7pm)

 Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medical University Hospital
8:30 to 12 and 2 to 5. 39 Shi’er Qiao Lu
成都中医药大学附属医院 • 十二桥路39号
Tel. 89047068/87784542


 Dr. Liu
Greenwich Village, Bldg. 3 No. 9, 1 Wangjiang Lu 望絓-路1号格林威治城3栋9号 Tel. 85292612 Mobile 13281857850

 Harmony Dental Clinic
9 to 6 daily except national holidays. 3 Rui Ming Jie, Fang Cao Xi Lu
瑞名街3号芳草西路 和睦牙科诊所
Tel. 85192312

 Ya Fei Dental Clinic South Branch
10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Commercial Building, 6th Fl., Zhonghua Yuan
亚非牙科南门门诊 • 大世界家乐福斜对面
中华园商业楼6楼 Tel. 81337358


28 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
老书虫 • 人民南路4段28号 Tel. 85520177

 Excellence Foreign Language Bookstore
3 Kehua Bei Lu No. 1 卓越外语图书店
科华北路3号附1号 Tel. 85254411

 Southwest Book City
1 Shang Dong Da Jie

 Times Xinhua Bookstore
5 Zongfu Lu 时代新华书店 (总府路)
总府路5号, 时代广场

Second hand

 Chadian Home Furnishings Market
Chadianzi Ziyun Lu 茶店家具市场

Wugui Qiao Secondhand Market
Warehouse: Cangchu Kufang, Wugui Qiao
 Dong Qiao Cun Er Dui 仓储库房
 Store: Wugui Qiao Ershou Jiaoyi Shichang  五桂桥二手交易市场 • 3区2栋68, 69号  Tel. 84713836/13008173430/88065329

Your Secondhand Life
Ongoing, mobile secondhand & flea market. Tel. 13540708232

Spec Shop

 Coffee Life
Coffees and coffee and tea accessories. 99 Dongdajie 咖啡生活 • 东大街99号
Tel. 80661621

 Comforts of Home
Ingredients and convenient mixes for baking and drinks. Free delivery (RMB50+). Wuhou Mingyuan E-3-702, 18 Wuhou Heng Jie  武侯横街18号武侯名苑E-3-702 Tel. 13980050214 or 85582088

 Def Shop
Hip-hop and street-culture apparel and tagging supplies. Yanshikou Dongda Jie Xinwangjiao, 2nd Fl., D2-1
盐市口东大街新旺角2楼 D2-1 (上楼右转再左转) Tel. 81280830

 Fei Mogu
Trappings for your Rastafarian lifestyle. Champagne Plaza basement No. 88, Hongxing Lu Buxing Jie 飞蘑菇商店
Tel. 13709004815

Pristine Cuppa
Fresh roasted coffee beans.
Tel. 66873113

 Sabrina’s Country Store
Imported goods. 54 Kehua Bei Lu
莎比娜食品店 • 科华北路54号
Tel. 85242987

 The Thing
Graphic T-shirts, caps, bags, etc. 78 Fangcao Dong Jie No. 5
Tel. 85161253

 Wellbeing Mart
Korean-imported groceries. 8 Gaosheng Qiao Nan Jie No. 9 (Luofu Shijia No. 7)
高升桥南街8号附9号 (罗浮世家七号门)


 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., 98 Shuhan Lu at Tongyang Lu
欧尚 • 蜀汉路98号,同善路口
Tel. 87535954
 9 Zhanhua Lu 欧尚 • 站话路9号

 Fortune Bldg., 6 Daye Lu
大业路6号财富中心2-3楼 Tel. 86700069
 99 Erhuan Lu West Sect.1
家乐福光华店 • 二环路西一段99号
Tel. 87342266
 1 Babao Jie 家乐福八宝街店
八宝街1号 Tel. 86254735
 10 Xinguang Lu 家乐福大世界店
新光路10号 Tel. 85138354
 162 Datiankan Jie 家乐福双桥子店
大田坎街162号 Tel. 84460285

Century Mart
 Tianfu Shopping Mall, 9 Kehua Zhong Lu  世纪联华超市(百联店)
 Jianshe Bei Lu, Sect.3
世纪联华超市 • 建设北路三段

 IKEA > Area: South
9 Zhanhua Lu
宜家家居 • 近郊高新区站华路9号
Tel. 85262345

Chunxi Lu Lido Guangchang
伊势丹百货 • 春熙路利都广场(伊腾旁边)
Tel. 80821111

Ito Yokado
 Hongxing Lu Sect.3, 8 Kejiaxiang
伊藤洋华堂 • 红星路三段大科甲巷8
Tel. 86715111
 6 Yidu Lu, Erhuan Lu West Sect.1
伊藤洋华堂 • 二环路西一段逸都路6号
Tel. 87021111
 Jinhua Lu, Erhuan Lu East Sect.5
伊藤洋华堂 • 二环路东五段锦华路

1 Qingjiang Zhong Lu
麦德龙 • 清絓-中路1号
Tel. 82958888

 Pacific Department Store
太平洋百货 • 锦絓-区总府路12号
Tel. 86653388

 Park n Shop
New City Square, 1 Xida Jie

 Gouwu Guangchang, 183 Jiaoda Lu
沃尔玛购物广场店 • 金牛区交大路183号
Tel. 87606677/87627121
 SM Square, 29 Erhuan Lu East Sect.2
沃尔玛深国投百货店 • 二环路东二段29号
SM商业城  Tel. 84312323/84316588

 Wang Fu Jing Dept Store
15 Zongfu Lu
王府井百货 • 总府路15号 Tel. 86621188

Business Chambers

 American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China
Hongchuan Mansion, No. 606, 17 Lingshiguan Lu, Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4
四川美国商会 • 人民南路4段领事馆路17号鸿川大楼606  Tel. 85242405

 British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China
Times Plaza, No. 2656, 2 Zongfu Lu
中国西南英国商会 • 总府路2号
Tel. 66067100

 Canada China Business Council
12th Fl., Shidu Plaza Bldg. D, 58 Beixin Jie 北新街58号世都大厦12楼D座
Tel. 86736836

 EU Chamber of Commerce
Garden City Hotel, Rm. 811, 8 Daye Lu
中国欧盟商会 • 花园城大酒店811室
Tel. 86710577

 Sichuan Chamber of
International Commerce
36 Shuxing Xi Jie, 11th Fl.
成都市西沿线 • 蜀兴西街36号 • 四川国际商会会馆11-12层 Tel. 66258333

 Sichuan Korean Chamber of Commerce
Guancheng Business Tower, Bldg. B, Rms. 12-67, 123 Xiaonan Jie 四川韩国商会
Tel. 86129466

 Thai Business Information Center
Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chengdu, Fund International Plaza, 12th Fl., Bldg. C, 6 Hangkong Lu
中泰商务信息服务中心 • 泰王国驻成都总领事馆 • 航空路6号丰德国际广场C座12楼 Tel. 66897861 ext. 8021


Times Square 30th Fl., 2 Zongfu Lu
法国驻成都总领事馆 • 总府路2号
时代广场30楼 Tel. 66666060/66666103

Western Tower 25th Fl., 19 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4
人民南路四段19号 • 威斯顿联邦大厦
Tel. 85280800

Tianfu Luzhou Mansion 19th Fl., 6 Xia Nan Da Jie  大韩民国驻成都总领事馆
Tel. 86165800/13980956348
(after-hours emergency line)

Western Tower 8th Fl., 19 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4  巴基斯坦驻成都总领事馆
人民南路四段19号 • 威斯顿联邦大厦

Guancheng Plaza E Wing, 31st Fl., 308 Shuncheng Da Jie  新加坡驻成都总领事馆
Tel. 86527222

Kempinski Hotel, 2nd Fl., Office Bldg., 42 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4
泰王国驻成都总领事馆 • 縗-宾斯基
Tel. 85192668/85192266

 United States
4 Lingshi Guan Lu 美国驻成都总领事馆
Tel. 85583992/85589642


Bldg. A, No. 1902, 9 Yanghe Lu, Jiangbei District 柬埔寨王国驻重庆总领事馆
Tel. 023-89116415

Metropolitan Tower, Suite 1705, Wuyi Lu, Yuzhong District 加拿大驻重庆领事馆
Tel. 023-63738007

Metropolitan Tower, 31st Fl. No. 1, 68 Zourong Lu, Yuzhong District
Tel. 023-63726600/63725280

Metropolitan Tower, 37th Fl., 68 Zourong Lu, Yuzhong District
Tel. 023-63733585

United Kingdom
Metropolitan Tower, 28th Fl., Zourong Lu, Yuzhong District
大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国驻重庆总领事馆 • 重庆市渝中区邹容路大都会商厦28楼  Tel. 023-63691500

Gov Office

Chengdu Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
2 Caoshi Jie 6th Fl.
成都外商投资企业衆-会 • 草市街2号6楼
Tel. 86913825/86935555

Chengdu Foreign Investment Promotion Center
Construction Building 14th Fl.,
78 Dongcheng Genshang Jie
成都市外商投资促进中心 • 东城根上街78号建设大厦14楼
Tel. 86269405/86273097

EU Project Incubation Centre
Hi-Tech Business Tower, Bldg. 2, A wing, 1st Fl., Tianfu Dadao Nan (High Tech Zone)
欧盟项目孵化中心 • 天府大道南延线高新孵化园2号楼A座一楼
Tel. 85335757/85336810

Public Security Bureau - Foreign Affairs & Visa Office 144 Wenwu Lu
成都市公安局出入境管里处 • 文武路144号
Tel. 86407067

 Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
28 Yihuan Lu West Sect. 4
四川出入境检验检疫局 • 一环路南四段28号

 Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau
25 Yongling Lu
四川省招商引资局 • 永陵路25号
Tel. 66469957


Times Plaza, Black A, 30th Fl., 2 Zongfu Lu
荷兰银行 • 总府路2号时代广场A座30楼
Tel. 86732888

 Bank of China
This branch can change traveler’s cheques.
35 Renmin Zhong Lu, Sect.2
中国银行人民中路二段35号 Tel. 86403888

 Chartered Bank
Times Plaza, Block A, Rm. 2907, 2 Zongfu Lu
渣打银行 • 总府路2号时代广场A座2907室
Tel. 86713668

 City Bank
City Tower, 86 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.1
花旗银行 • 人民南路一段86号城市之心
Tel. 86110066

Central Plaza, Rm. 101-201, 9 Shuncheng Da Jie, Yanshikou  汇丰银行
Tel. 86711818

 OCBC Bank
Quanxing Mansion, 15th Fl.,
Rms. 15-20, 28 Renmin Zhong Lu, Sect.2
新加坡华侨银行 • 人民中路二段68号全兴大厦15楼15-20室


 Century 21
Hongdi Mansion, Flat B, 10th Fl.,
153 Kehua Bei Lu
Tel. 85254621

 Crown Relocations Worldwide
Yatai Guangchang, Suite 1518, 58 Kehua Bei Lu  科华北路58号亚太广场1518号
Tel. 86080361

Yatai Guangchang (ATT Building),
Suite 1715, 58 Kehua Bei Lu
柯伦咨询服务有限公司 • 科华北路58号
Tel. 66644320

 Maxxelli Real Estate
Chengdu Hi-Tech Business Plaza B-8-16
Tel. 85319679

 Santa Fe Relocation Service
Hong Chuan Mansion, Rm. 306, 30 Renmin Nan Lu Sect.4 人民南路四段30号
Tel. 85226788

int Mailing

2 Erhuan Lu South Sect. 4,
中外运敦豪 • 高薪区二环路四段2号
Tel. 85151100/800-810-8000

China Post International Mail Office,
71 Shawan Lu 全球邮政特快专递 • 沙湾路71号 Tel. 87641859/Hotline: 11185

 FedEx (High-Tech Zone)
3 Fucheng Dadao West Sect., 联邦快递
 38 Tongzi Jie Qingyang District
联邦快递 • 成都市青羊区童子街38号
Tel. 400 8891888
成都国际快递服务公司 Tel. 66000055

Beite Industries 1st Fl., 16 Gaopeng Dadao, Hi-Tech Zone TNT
集团 • 高新区高朋大道16号倍特实业1楼
Tel. 85138686/800 8209868/400 8209868

30 Chuangye Lu, Hi-Tech Park
中铁物流第2配送中心3号库 • 高新区创业路30号
Tel. 85199222/800 8208388/400 8208388

Serv Office

Shangri-La Office Tower, 18th Fl., 9 Binjiang Dong Lu
滨絓-东路9号 • 香格里繺-办公楼 18层
Tel. 66065000


 Aibai Chengdu Gay Center
Information and education center for Chengdu’s gay community. Saturday, Sunday, 2 to 5 p.m.
Yuanzhongyuan Apt. Bldg. 7, Ste. 6-9, 8 Sishenci Nan Jie  爱白成都青年同志中心

Chengdu International Women’s Club
A non-profit social group whose membership is open to all expatriate women with the purpose of improving the quality of life in Chengdu. See e-newsletter for meeting times and events.

Chengdu Family Living
provides an online forum for interactive dialogue on family issues such as housing, schools, ayi/drivers, health care, shopping and more among members of the international community living in Chengdu.

 Creative Writing Club
Meets Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. at the Bookworm.

int Schools

 Chengdu Brilliant Kindergarten
4 Ziding Xiang 成都倍特幼儿园 • 高新区紫丁巷4号 Tel. 85183009

 Chengdu International School (CDIS)
Zhonghai International Community, 399 Shuxi Lu
成都国际学校 • 蜀西路399号中海国际社区
Tel. 86081162

 EtonHouse International School
9 Chenglong Dadao
伊顿国际学校 • 卓锦城成龙大道9号
Tel. 84777888

 Golden Apple International Childhood Education
7 Xinguang Lu 金苹果银都幼稚园
新光路7号 Tel. 85133381

 Meishi International School
1340 Tianfu Dadao Zhong Duan
美视国际学校 • 天府大道中段1340号
Tel. 85330653

New City Plaza, B Bldg., 7th Fl., 1 Xi Da Jie
金宝贝 • 西大街1号新城市广场B幢7楼
Tel. 86246666

 Quality Schools International (QSI)
American Garden, 188 Sanhuan Lu Nan Duan  美国学校 • 美洲花园三环路南段
Tel. 85113853

Chinese Langua

 Chinese Corner
1-7-4CD Yihuan Lu South Sect.4 Wuhou Huayuan 一环路南四段武侯花园1-7-4CD
Tel. 85554728

 Sichuan University
International Department, 24 Yihuan Lu, South Sect.1
四川大学海外学院(东门) • 一环路南一段24号
Tel. 85407199

 Southwest University of Finance and Economics
International Education College, 55 Guanghua Cun
西南财綷-大学国际教育学院 • 光华村55号
Tel. 87352570

 Southwest Jiaotong University
International Affairs Office, Administration Bldg., Rms. 327-333, 111 Erhuan Lu North Sect.1
西南交通大学 • 二环路北一段111号
Tel. 87600343

 Southwest University for Nationalities
Yihuan Lu South Sect.4
西南民族大学 • 一环路南四段
Tel. 85522012

 Vertigo Language School
Chinese and other language courses.
12 Nijia Qiao Lu 4th Fl.
沃尔缇格 • 倪家桥路12号4楼
Tel. 85510352

Foreign L

 Alliance Française
Fuzuan Mansion, 7th Fl., 78 Hongxing Lu, Sect.2  富钻大厦7楼 红星路二段78号
Tel. 86531392

 Aston English
4 Yihuan Lu West Sect. 3, Bldg. B, 3rd Fl.
阿斯顿英语培训学校 • 一环路西三段与十二桥3楼 Tel. 87716661

 Crayon Club Children English School
Wan Xing Yuan No. 15C, 8 Lingshi Guan Lu
Tel. 85355639/13808061483

 New Times International Training Center
Yatai Guangchang Bldg. C, 4th Fl., 58 Kehua Bei Lu 新时代语言文化培训中心
Tel. 85257549